#12 Your Presence is our Present


December 21st, 2016

38 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

"Let’s talk about gifts, baby - Let’s talk about you and me - Let’s talk about all the good things...Salt n Pepa? Anyone? Ok. In this episode, Christy and Michelle talk about the wedding registry. Where to register, how to register, what’s new in the world of wedding registries, our advice, our experiences and our favorite wedding gifts. Listen to this episode and learn all about wedding gifts, from couple, to guest, to planner.

Big Takeaways
If you want to register for gifts, there are MANY options available. We recommend registering at a ‘traditional’ store like Target or Crate and Barrel, especially if you have a bunch of older guests coming (ages 50 and above). Your relatives want to get you something that you want, but they want to go about getting it their way! Your guests may also want to bring an actual gift, rather than have it delivered to you ahead of time.

Most stores offer an incentive when you register with them, and offer a discount on whatever you don’t end up getting as a gift. Amazon Prime offers a pretty good deal too.

Michelle and Christy should be sponsored by the stores we mention more than 3 times in an episode. DO YOU HEAR US, ZOLA AND CRATE AND BARREL? Omg - how much do we love those nesting bowls?!

Write thank you notes for your wedding gifts! It’s just the right thing to do, y’all.

Links we referenced
Online places to register:

Stores we love and mentioned:

“If you don’t have a wedding registry, you are taking the risk of getting some crazy tacky gifts.” - Michelle, bottom line.

“The truth is: that little gun thing that you get to use when you register, it’s really fun.” - Christy, about the only gun she likes: a gift registry gun.

“Nesting bowls encapsulate everything you are...it’s the one single item that best defines Michelle Martinez.” - Christy, describing her dear friend and co-host Michelle

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