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November 8th, 2017

57 mins 55 secs

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We’ve received a lot of feedback and questions from our dear listeners lately, and we want to address everything! This episode covers a recap from our emotional episode with Lauren (The Happiest Sad Day, link below) and Michelle and Christy answer questions from YOU about disappointing bridesmaids, planning a wedding with a deployed partner, addressing appropriate church ceremony attire, and plenty of questions about going from a bride to a wedding industry professional. Let’s go!

Thank you! We love you!

And we LOVE that you are writing in and telling us what you think of our episodes, and how they impacted you. We are listening! We want to give you what you want. So, keep ‘em coming and we’ll keep doing our very best to provide the content and info you desire!

Re Disappointing Bridesmaids: Don’t manage your ‘maids. Adjust your expectations into the realm of reality. Appreciate them for who they are and how they want to be involved with your wedding right now. Embrace the friends in your life that are stepping up and invite them to be a part of your wedding day in an important way. Think outside the box! If your end goal is to be friends with everyone after your wedding, you have to keep things positive and just do you. You can’t worry about them.

Re ‘Firing’ Vendors and the Frustrating Nature of the Wedding Industry: We hear you! A three line email is all you need to tell a vendor that you aren’t going to hire them afterall. It’s a nice thing, to tell someone that they are ‘off the hook’. If you have already hired a vendor and you want to part ways, that’s a different story and you may lose your deposit - re-read your contract. As far as the frustrations that couples face when trying to price out and hire your wedding vendor team - the best advice we have is to be as upfront as possible when contacting vendors. Tell them what you want to spend and ask them if it’s possible for them to work within that budget. If they say it is, then you can work out a proposal or bid with them and see what they can offer. Good luck! (Michelle and Christy both post their starting price point on their websites, by the way.)

Re Military Fiance’s Deployment: You are not the first bride to deal with this, but we are sorry you have to! How stressful! Get creative and be flexible. Tap into friends that can help (friendors), and start some fun DIY projects early to keep moving in the planning process, even if you don’t have a wedding date yet. Make sure you look into the marriage license rules in your state - that is the most important component so that you are legally married when you more to Europe! We love the idea of having a ceremony first, something you can plan on short notice, and then having a big party/reception a couple days later.

Re Breaking into the Wedding Industry: Our number 1 piece of advice...Don’t quit your day job. This industry is tough and unregulated and FULL of people, some of whom aren’t exactly professionals. If you are going to really do this...go slow and be smart. Say ‘YES!’ to every opportunity to help on-site on a wedding day, or behind the scenes for established professionals. This could be for free. (It likely will be for free, or very little.) Get all your ducks in a row - portfolio, social media, networking, certifications, insurance, establishing a sole proprietorship business in your state...these are things that you need to at the very least look into at the beginning of this journey. Start working and price yourself appropriately. When you are new to the business, you have to charge less than others. And when you do line up a few events...give them everything you have! Work like you are being paid the big bucks!

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