#195 You Ask, We Answer COVID19 Edition - 29


April 29th, 2020

52 mins 58 secs

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Just because we cannot gather in groups, does not mean the desire to marry one another has disappeared. Countless couples all over the world have been forced to postpone their wedding celebrations, but they are choosing to marry one another regardless because after all, that is the whole point isn’t it? To be married! On this month's edition of You Ask, We Answer, we have an exciting announcement we want to share on how we're leading the way on Virtual Weddings.

We are teaming up and offering a Virtual Wedding Planning Package to our listeners; a more professionally planned out and elevated experience to our Full Wedding Planning Services which includes:
Wedding Planner
We will meet via web Conference Consultations: You show me your home and I help you figure out the best location for the ceremony. We discuss timing, number of guests, marriage license, technical set-up, lighting, decor and I put together a planning timeline for you.
Live streaming is handled by us.
You don’t have to worry about any of the potential technical issues that could come up during your virtual wedding. With us, you have a “person” to set up the live stream, ensure it runs smoothly, troubleshoot any issues and answer questions from your guests. Not only that, but we will moderate, mute guests during the ceremony, and overall make sure things are running smoothly. We will also make sure your guests have a phone number they can call and your behind the scenes tech person will help them as needed.
We design a personalized digital invitation for you to send out to your guests via email.
Once we decide on a color palette, we will have fresh flowers delivered to your door so you can carry a bouquet or wear a boutonniere and have a beautiful centerpiece in the background and for your table.
A box of tech:
Lighting is important as are a few other items which we will ship to you with a return label to send it all back after the wedding.
We will have a rehearsal of your ceremony and test all of the technical aspects the day before to ensure we are all set on your wedding day.

Visit for more details: http://www.allureconsulting.com/virtual

Now onto this month's YAWA!

Question #1:
I’m a 10.10.20 bride and am getting a lot of “are you still having your wedding?” questions. What are the best way to respond to this? I have been telling those that we won’t make a call to postpone until August and we are planning as usual. But is there something better to say?
Answer #1:
What you are saying is exactly right. Just letting them know you don’t know yet, and giving that deadline of when you will decide is great. It’s also nice for them to have something to look forward to in the fall. Airlines and hotels are being flexible. And you may want to start looking at a Plan B as well. 

Question #2:
Any update on whether it’s possible to Zoom/FaceTime your ceremony?
Answer #2:
In the state of New York, a law has been passed that you can be married online. The certificate can be signed virtually! It does depend on the state and their current laws. Side note: Christy is ordained, and would love to perform ceremonies if she available. 

Question #3:
We’re doing the “elopement” this year and then the big wedding next year... What things should we include in our ceremony this year to make it special (because this is when we are actually becoming wed) and what types of things do we save for the big wedding next year, when we can celebrate with our family? We want that to be special too. Thanks you guys!
Answer #3:
Keep the “elopement” ceremony a little more simple. If it is going to be virtual, have it recorded. You could play that during your ceremony next year! If there is a loved one who has passed away that you would have honored at a wedding, maybe in the background have a picture or have something that they gave you on your person during the ceremony. Maybe call your parents and let them in on the timing. And these choices you can also talk about for the later wedding. 

Question #4:
Do you ladies have any recommendations on how to start looking for a wedding dress during these crazy times?
Answer #4:
It’s obviously not ideal at the moment. But! All the online department stores that carry bridal gowns will ship to your house so you can try them on and then they allow you to ship back for free. Some companies are hosting virtual tours that begin with the bride to talk about your interests, your body type, what you’re looking for, etc. and they help you narrow down some choices and send them to you for try on. 

Question #5:
Our wedding was originally on 5/9/2020. Our venue called me in March saying we had to reschedule our wedding & gave us a list of dates to choose from. We chose the latest date they offered, which was 9/27/2020. I think the reason they didn’t offer any dates in 2021 was because they still wanted to have at least SOME weddings in 2020 first. We bought Change the Dates, but now I don’t know if I should send them out or wait, because of so much uncertainty of when the quarantine/pandemic will end, and if we have to change our date AGAIN. Should I still send out our Change the Dates or wait a little longer? So many people keep asking us about our wedding, and I answer them as they go, but I don’t have everyone’s emails to send them an update, so we figured it would be easier to mail everyone send the dates. And I can’t really call 300 people to update because I’m a night shift ER nurse & am exhausted by the time it’s my day off with everything going on. We’ve already updated our website with the new date, but not sure if we should move forward on sending out our newly bought Change the Dates yet in case things change again in the future. Thoughts?
Answer #5:
Yes, send them now! Hopefully the wedding website is on these Change The Dates somewhere. Or you can add an insert that says to make sure to keep an eye on the website because everything is changing quickly these days. But definitely send them! 

Question #6:
Is it okay to skip the paper invites and opt for email. Wedding is in July and not really feeling like wasting money if we’re going to have to postpone.
Answer #6:
Every choice you make in planning a wedding is about making it your way. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it! If you want to send it, send it! You can still make a beautiful email if that is the way you go. 

Question #7:
Hey Michelle and Kristy. My name is Brandy. My fiancé and I made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding until next year. We still plan on getting married on our original date (7/3/20) and do our celebration on our 1st anniversary. So along with our postponement went our pre-wedding festivities - bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor weekends. Although the most important part is still taking place, it sucks that we don’t get to celebrate it with our family and friends. I was looking forward to honoring my bridal party by showering them with gifts to thank them for all their planning and hard work. Do you have any suggestions for something special I can do for them during this time of social distancing? Thanks keeping me up to date on all things wedding and doing it with pizzazz! Here’s to one more year of planning!
Answer #7:
It’s a great opportunity to reevaluate and make new plans. There is no reason not to have a virtual bachelorette/bachelor party. You can have things delivered to each other, food/ drinks, gift certificates for when things do open back up. You could have a post-wedding bachelorette! There are no rules. Take a weekend away with your friends after the wedding. Why not?
You can mail/ship a gift to them and put a note that says “Do not open until...” your scheduled virtual party! You can still have these parties online and make them super special.

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