#70 You Ask, We Answer - AGAIN. Angry Moms, Possible Scams, Alcoholics At The Reception


January 24th, 2018

49 mins 29 secs

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Angry Moms, Possible Scams, Alcoholics At The Reception. We are answering listener questions as well as sharing some stories on this one.

Big Takeaways
As we often say on the podcast, keep it cool, people! Perspective. Stay grounded. Don’t get crazy. Remember, the wedding is just a party. The marriage is the important part. Sometimes parents are the ones who lose their minds and act irrationally...Christy shares a prime example of mom-crazy on this very episode! When some unexpected things occured, she lost her mind! Don’t be that mom.

Listener email #1:

I found a helluva deal online for photography and videography services for my wedding. It’s a nationwide company, and the prices are too good to be true!

Our response: We don't suggest it. Nationwide companies like this outsource photographers and videographers in each market. In our experience, you just don't know who you are going to get. So even if the business part of the interaction all seems good and above-the-table, the actual 'professional' you get on the wedding day may not do a stellar job. Your photographs are such an important part of your wedding, the only thing you'll have when it's all over and done with...you don't want to trust that job to just anyone. You want a trained, personable, experienced professional. We think you should continue to dig, ask questions, and compare their prices with some other local photographers that own their own wedding photography business. And - remember, it’s very important to have a great personal connection with your photographer! They’re hanging out with you A LOT on your wedding day. You should like them.

Listener email #2:

My fiance’s family is full of alcoholics! How do we limit consumption at the reception so there isn’t any drama?

Our response: Definitely don’t have an open bar! Beer and wine only helps a lot - no shots, no double potent mixed drinks. Or, consider having a bar during cocktail hour, then wine poured during dinner and that’s it! It’s your wedding, you can do what you want! We have lots of great advice on this one - we’ve been there! Marrying someone means that you get the family baggage...we wish you luck! Keeping on open line of communication and remaining diplomatic and calm will serve you well!

We talked a lot about a specific escort card display - little scrolls hanging on champagne glasses. It was a really cool element of the wedding, but was logistically a little tough. We suggest using a shallow table to display the champagne flutes, and it works best if you have a small wedding, because you can spread the glasses out for guests to look at and find their name. Pics in the link below!

Also in this ep - we read reviews. Our own reviews. Michelle’s favorite thing! Come on, share our joy - create our joy! Leave a review. *****

Links we referenced
Champagne scroll escort cards!

“I swear to God I started to sweat on my side of the curtain because she was SO awful.” - Christy, recanting a terrible convo!

“Here’s the bottom line: A wedding is only as much fun as the couple. It is only as wonderful as the people there. So you can spend all the money in the world, but if you have a bad attitude, that’s going to translate into the wedding.” - Christy

“A banquet captain, someone in charge of all the staff and makes sure that all the food gets out on time and that everything runs smoothly...make sure you have some cash for this person. They are AMAZING people.” - Michelle, on our favorite day-of vendor - the banquet captain

“You don’t have control over what your guests are going to do. You just don’t.” - Michelle

“At least the family’s issue is alcohol and not acceptance!” - Christy and Michelle, looking on the bright side

“Wow, we’re really good at giving at advice.” - Christy

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