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June 27th, 2018

38 mins 24 secs

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The end of the month...time to pay your rent, bitches! And also, time for another monthly installation of our ever-popular YOU ASK WE ANSWER! This month we are dealing with an MOB that doesn’t want to sign contracts, BIG ol’ Jewish weddings, and wedding hashtags. You kids these days, always up to something!

This week we have Claire reading listener questions AND...We got a voicemail question!!


1 Email “My Mom Won’t Pull the Trigger!”

Ask: What to do when the mother-of-the-bride (and main bankroller of the wedding) is suspicious of vendor contracts, deposit policies and hiring vendors ‘too early’? This bride-to-be also asked about when it’s appropriate to hire vendors...is a year out too early?
Answer: You gotta educate her! All legit, professional vendors should have contracts. Your mom should read and understand these contracts and ask lots of questions before signing anything. But she should not throw down the gauntlet for vendors in a way that is off-putting. If I get an inquiry from a MOB and she asks questions and wants to know specifics, I try to be as transparent as possible...but I haven't been hired yet, so I can't let myself spend hours editing, and explaining and changing the ways I do things. I have learned after many years in this business that this is a red flag for a potential client. If someone doesn't trust me, I don't want to work with them. It's not going to be a good situation for either party as the planning process moves forward.
9-12 months is a sweet spot for hiring most vendors. Earlier than that is probably too early.
Also - insurance! Get wedding insurance now and you'll be covered in the event that one of your vendors ghosts you and flees with your deposit! (Unlikely, but anything is possible). Check out our episode on this very topic!

2 Voicemail Question “I’m feeling good about my big ol wedding! But why do people keep looking at me like a crazy person when I tell them I’m inviting over 400 people?”

Ask: Our wedding is probably going to end up being about 350 guests. Our raw invite list is actually sitting right now at about 430, but with RSVPs will end up around 350...I would love to hear if either of you had worked with an event quite this big because whenever I say those numbers to people, they sort of stare at me like a deer in the headlights, and I wonder if I’ve messed something up and gotten myself in a little too deep
Answer: First off, you have not gotten yourself in too deep. My biggest piece of advice is to keep in mind and be ok with the fact that you will NOT be able to spend time with each an every guest on a personal level on the wedding day. Make sure that you and your fiance make some sort of a toast and speech sincerely thanking each and every person for being a part of your lives. Make it fun, have great music and lots of room for dancing.
It’s BIG, but it’s not impossibly big!

3 Email “We need a great hashtag!”

Ask: We need help with a wedding hashtag. I’ve seen a few sites that give you generic options but we want something clever and punny and we’re drawing a blank. Do you have any recommendations on services that create cool wedding hashtags? I’d be willing to pay a fee.

Answer: Michelle and I are dinosaurs, remember, so hashtags are not our specialty. ;)
I don't know any businesses that help with this specifically. What about if we ask our listeners? That would be so fun! You could get some good options that way! I think the best thing is to pose the question to your people - your friends and wedding party may come up with some great ideas for youl.

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