#83 You Ask, We Answer - 5


April 25th, 2018

1 hr 3 mins 24 secs

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It’s time for another #YAWA! This week, we are tackling 3 listener emails (and they’re all multi-question emails) regarding wedding day timelines, photographer’s plan B’s, ‘friends’ you don’t want to invite anymore, how to schedule formal photos for a morning wedding ceremony, bridal shower hostess drama, ceremony-to-reception-commutes, and confetti exits! So many things to discuss. Let’s go!

Big Takeaways
In summary:

1 Email “Plethora of Small Questions”

Ask: How long does it take to light 70 votive candles? How long does it take to do 20 tables visits during dinner? Where can I find a comprehensive wedding day checklist online? And more...
Answer: It takes 2 people less than 10 minutes to light 70 candles. Get the long lighters with the curve in them if you want to be very quick. Also - check with your caterer, sometimes they can do this for you, no biggie. Table visits take a long ass time. Check out the Martha Stewart Weddings link for a comprehensive checklist!

2 Email “Bridal Shower Invite Dilema”

Ask: Long story short, is it appropriate to invite someone to the bridal shower - in this case because they are close with the hostess of the shower - when they are NOT going to be invited to the actual wedding?
Answer: It’s not ideal, but it’s your wedding and the circumstances can get a little messy...stick to your guns and don’t invite someone to your wedding that you don’t want to invite! If it’s a distant relative that you never see, they’ll get over it. And in the meantime, you won’t be hanging out with them anyway!

3 Email “Long Commute”

Ask: What to do in terms of formal photos when the wedding starts in the morning, the reception is a brunch reception and the drive from the ceremony to the reception takes 40 minutes?
Answer: Utilize the time in the limo driving from one location to the other! Make sure you are organized and communicative with your photographer - draft a detailed shot-list for the post-ceremony formal photos, have a matriarch of the family help you out during this time by wrangling people that need to be in photos...we have LOTS of advice for this one, because it’s about the day-of timeline. And that is our wheelhouse, babes!

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“We are now coming to you with hands at heart’s center, prayer, whatever you want to call it, and we are asking for your support on Patreon.” - Michelle “We’re asking for some money, y’all. Drop us a latte’s worth of coin once a month.” - Christy, we’re not too proud to beg!

“The Big Wedding Planning Podcast really separates itself from the masses by offering truly practical and easily applied info on timeline creation and budgeting. They have episodes dedicated to exactly how to create certain excel worksheets.” - Reviewer, See? We don’t just shoot the shit on this podcast!

“I was put in an uncomfortable situation today by my family and could use your advice.” - Listener

“You cannot control others, you can only control your reaction to others. You keep on doing what you are doing. Enjoy this magical time in your life and focus on the positives as they definitely outweigh the negatives.” - Michelle, giving a listener permission to NOT invite a distant relative

“It's so frustrating when you have things planned and you have goals and then a family member just kind of pulls the rug out from under you with one inconsiderate move.” - Michelle, we’re with you, girl!

“We're planning a confetti exit. Any tips on making sure that guests throw it appropriately? I think this could look great or be a disaster.” - Listener, with a good question. It absolutely can be a disaster! Let’s avoid that.

“You have to give people hugs! People want to say something to you! Of course.” - Christy, on why table visits during dinner take a while

“The bottom line is: Whatever you decide, once the decision is made, be at peace with it. Move on...do not lose sleep over it any more.” - Christy, summing up the advice this week

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