#79 You Ask, We Answer - 4


March 28th, 2018

48 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

This month’s questions run the gamut! We’re talking about parents, rings, and welcome bags. We delve into the pros, cons, and what-ifs and we dish out some compassionate advice regarding potentially emotional decisions. We think we’re doing right by our dear listeners and we so appreciate the follow up emails that these brides sent us after we answered them. Happy that we are able to share their experiences with you all!

What We’re Doing
We have decided that we’re going to do a ‘You Ask, We Answer’ every month. Last Wednesday of the month - tune in and we’ll be answering your questions. In detail! With chutzpah! So, keep sending us your questions, your problems and your issues related to wedding planning. We read everything, we answer every email, and we might read your email on the air (don’t worry, we’ll ask permission!) so that your questions, and our answers, can help countless other people in the midst of wedding planning. It’s a win win, y’all!

#1 Email “A Ring Dilema”
Ask: It’s obviously been four months since we decided to get married and I don’t have a ring yet. I have thought about the ring for a long time. And I have an idea of what I would like to have but I’m troubled. His mom offered us his grandmother’s ring. I like it, But it’s definitely not what I had pictured for myself.
Answer: Head to a jeweler and see about a custom ring combining elements from Grandma’s ring into a new custom ring that will make you happy and still feel sentimental!

#2 Email “My Father is a Maybe”
Ask: He sent me a message saying he would be there come hell or high water. It was nice, and I want to believe him, but it is obviously difficult. My question is: Do I walk myself down the aisle?
Answer: We think you should do what makes YOU feel confident and beautiful and happy. Don't make the decision because of how you think your dad feels or doesn't feel about your wedding. Make the decision that feels right to YOU.

#3 Email “WTH Welcome Bags!?”
Ask: Our carefully curated, beautifully assembled welcome bags...would you deliver to all of the guests by somehow capturing their lodging in advance? Would you limit them to only those who are booking and staying in our block? We’re expecting roughly 150, which translates to about 80 gift bags.
Answer: This is tricky since your guests are staying all over the place! We think the hardest part will be the organizing, not the actual delivery. If you want to go above and beyond, every guest traveling in to your wedding should get a Welcome Bag. So start that spreadsheet, honey! And get your parents to help gather addresses. Then get your wedding party and friends to help you deliver them the day before the wedding. Good luck!

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*Quotes *
“I do think you need to LOVE your engagement ring. In my experience, it's the only piece of jewelry that will see the light of day for the rest of your life!” - Christy, who loves her rose gold wedding ring!

“Unfortunately....Although Welcome bags are fun and guests love them, they are a hassle, no way around it.” - Michelle, first the bad news

“The more people we reach, the more we give. And if we have some financial help to do that, we can do more, for more.” - Christy, encouraging YOU to become patrons on our Patreon account

“Also welcome grooms if you’re listening! We welcome you. You do not have ovaries or a uterus.” - Christy, obvious, but noted

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