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March 25th, 2020

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It’s our favorite time of the month! YAWA!

Question 1: To Postpone or Not To Postpone
April is definitely a time to reschedule. Unless you were talking about a small elopement, of course. Venues are taking things in order of priority (ie April first, May next, etc.) We’re seeing April and May are pretty much entirely rescheduling because of city by city laws and restrictions changing. Work with your planner!

  • Look at THREE plan b dates.
  • Everything right now is sort of week by week, day by day.
  • It is favorable to reschedule within the calendar year. But if you can’t handle that, its okay!
  • Prioritizing mental health is very crucial.

Question #2: Circular Ceremony Layout
I would like a circular/(or more realistically, horseshoe because acoustics) seating in the ceremony space for a few reasons but I'm not sure of logistics. I like the symbolism of the circle (unity, surrounded by love etc.) I also do not want a central aisle. We have no interest in one set of family/friends sitting on one side and the other set being opposite, I'm also not really interested in walking up a middle aisle. I've attached some pictures of potential venues below, physical space is not an issue, as the two venues are both circular spaces so organizing seats isn't an issue, it's more how the couple will get there!

I was wondering if either of you had ever planned a wedding where the couple getting married were in the ceremony space first, and then had their guests come in, or where the couple came in from a different point; on the sides, right opposite the guests etc. Any thoughts you have would be amazing, keep up the good work, love the show!

Answer #2:
I love the circular ceremony idea and I have done it with clients - a few different ways. With only 50 guests, you have lots of options! Couple standing at altar when guests enter - this could work well and it's a cool thing because you and your partner get to make eye contact with everyone as THEY enter down the aisle, in a way. I think this would be best if there is one main door that could remain closed until the guests are all outside and then open sort of dramatically. You both and the officiant would be in the room - smiling and then guests would find their seats.

You two entering from different sides at the same time could work too - but keep in mind that guests (and the photographer) sometimes don't know which way to look in this case. It works best if the two entrances are both at the front of the ceremony space - rather than both of you walking down side aisles at the same time.

Also - if the space allows - there is a way to spiral in to the altar. I love this effect because you and your partner both get to walk past every single guest. The chairs are arranged in a spiral and the couple gets married right in the middle of it. So your loved ones are surrounding you.

I've also seen the full circles work when there are some guests seated (you arrange these chairs in a large circle and you get married in the middle, maybe in a concentric circle of low flowers. This works well if the rest of the guests stand behind the seated guests. So - it really is best with small guest counts and short-n-sweet ceremonies - something to keep in mind.

Question #3: Guest List Too Big For Venue
I desperately need advice! We fell in love with a venue and I just cannot see our big day anywhere else. It fits 200 banquet style no dance floor. I have such a large family and we’d have to trim the guest list by at least 40 people to get the dance floor. My FH thinks it’s easy just trim that off my dads side. I get along very well with my dads side BUT they live so far away we don’t see each other or barely talk but when we do see each other everyone has a blast! My dad doesn’t want anyone to be cut( he is pitching in for part of the wedding). How do I invite some first cousins and not the others or is it easier to just switch to our backup venue!! I just don’t know how to trim about 40 people!

Answer #3:
Is it possible - at your venue - to have 200 seated for dinner - with some of those tables on the dance floor, and then after dinner, to physically scoot those tables off and kind of push them together with the other surrounding tables so that you can dance?

I've seen this work before, even in a packed ballroom. People want to dance and they are happy to get up and either help scoot or move out of the way so the waitstaff can literally pick up the tables and move them out a bit. Typically, this works best when 3-4 tales have to go on, or partially on, the dance floor. And at those tables, you can make sure to seat (assigned tables/seats is best for this scenario) - your wedding party and maybe some younger generation tables that won't feel imposed upon by a little move after dinner is over.

You can even tell a few point people at each table what is going on, so they can help facilitate the move-process. Chairs can all be moved to the very outer corners of the room, if not taken away all together. Have you asked your venue about this already? Might be a better solution than having to cut the guest list so much!

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