#61 Yoga Bride - Lauren Star


November 22nd, 2017

50 mins 3 secs

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Michelle welcomes her dear friend and yoga teacher to the podcast today - don’t call her a guru! Lauren Star practices meditation, mindfulness and yoga - and she thought that wedding planning was going to be a breezy dream. Well, it wasn’t! What?? It was overwhelming and Lauren and her partner didn’t know what they were getting into. Like we always say, You don’t know what you don’t know! So, we talk to Lauren about her experiences wedding planning. And a lot about why she is so happy that Michelle was her planner, and how important having a planner actually turned out to be. Michelle fawns over Lauren a bit too, because this lovey-dovey feeling is mutual! The best kind.

Big Takeaways
First, we had a listener question to answer regarding potted plants, greenery for wedding decor. We think that the pot is very important in this case - is a terracotta pot from Home Depot something that fits in with the ceremony decor, particularly if it’s an indoor venue? Think about that. Also, remember that a beautiful potted plant might cost just as much or more than a centerpiece or altar piece from a florist. We think greenery can look cool and pretty and photogenic, but err on the side of more, rather than less. Make sure the overall look is lush and has lots of height and type variation. Good luck!

Succulents: they aren’t just trendy! They’re also sturdy and can be colorful. They transport easily and are easy DIY projects. They aren’t too expensive and you can take them home with you after the wedding.

Even the most easy-going couple needs to actually plan a little. Ok, a lot, to be honest. You can have a laid-back potluck wedding in your backyard, your friends can bring flowers and cake, and you can ad lib your vows if you want...but weddings still cost money. They take planning. You need to talk to your partner - even if it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where the heck to start - you need to talk about the budget and the guestlist when you begin. Minimum!

Money talk can stress people out, for sure. As Lauren watched her budget inflate, she turned to her yoga practice to deal with the stress. Also, she recognized that they needed HELP. In the form of a wedding planner.

Lauren looked at weight loss and getting in shape while wedding planning, for the first time in her life. And instead of obsessing over it in an unhealthy way, she learned lots of great information and felt that the whole experience was really educational and empowering. Which is awesome!

Family. Lauren and her fiance were blown away by how much their family wanted to be a part of their wedding. They were surprised by how much people wanted to participate and how much people CARED. In the end, everyone got to pitch in and the whole thing was a group effort. Lauren felt closer to her family after the wedding, and felt so so grateful. People want to help, we encourage you to say YES!

What’s an easy way to calm down and focus? Lauren tells us how to simply set your cell phone timer and sit down. Be quiet. Breathe. 2 minutes, y’all! It goes a long way!

Links we referenced
Great Decor/Craft store (bud vases we mentioned)
Lauren Star's Website
Lauren on Youtube

“Sometimes we forget that there are real people listening with real stories and real questions and real experiences, and we love to be reminded of that. It’s why we do it!” - Christy, on the reason for the season

“It’s weird that you are sitting on Lauren’s lap while you are interviewing her.” - Christy, to Michelle

“Are you considered a ‘guru’?”
“You are to me!” - Michelle. We get gurus as guests, y’all. Personal gurus.

“We’re thinking maybe you deal with stress a little differently than our ‘typical’ brides…or me. I mostly just eat frozen pizza on the floor and cry a lot.” - Christy, digging deep

“The most important thing is that we feel good on the day, that we feel in love and we get to connect with the people that are there to support us. And that hopefully, that vibe rubs off on everyone that is there.” Lauren, on priorities

“We really needed someone to plan this wedding. We were in over our heads.” - Lauren, on why she hired Michelle

“I have meat, I have coffee. I’m not a saint by any means.” - Lauren, describing how overall health is important, especially when wedding planning

“Any time we would notice ourselves getting obsessed about something, we would be like, no, this is not the right direction.” - Lauren, not sweating the small stuff

“Ok! That was great. I feel very calm. I feel gratitude.” - Michelle, wrapping it up!

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