#150 Will You Marry Us?


July 3rd, 2019

1 hr 4 mins 44 secs

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Just because your friend is officiating your wedding, doesn’t mean it has to feel amateur and boring. Mark Groleau is a professional wedding officiant, and he runs the company “Unboring Wedding.” Not only does he work with couples to officiate a personal, and lovely ceremony. But he can also teach your friend to do the same!

Big Takeaways

Over-customizing isn’t unnecessary. Not many people have unlimited free time to retreat and construct the perfect ceremony. Remember that you are not the only vendor for the wedding. Maintain as tight and effective communication as possible. Remember the couple has soooo much to focus on, and you were chosen to take the weight off their shoulders.

Mark offers wonderful workshops and training for the officiants. He teaches how to be part of the most unboring wedding, how to be comfortable, and how to have a wonderful ceremony. He follows a ten-part ceremony: opening remarks, the processional, introduce the couple, vows, ring exchange, pronouncement, kiss, signing, quick remarks, and present the couple.

It can be really wonderful to have a close friend officiate your wedding. The emotional connection is powerful. Mark can help make sure that friend is also prepared for the day, so the couple doesn’t have to sacrifice anything.

*Other tips: *

Don’t do a reading. Unless the couple has a special reading (book, poem, lyrics, etc) in mind. The officiant shouldn’t be choosing.
How can you take more off the couple’s plate? Streamline! Don’t expect them to be able to work as hard as you on your particular role.
Engage the audience, but remember, the wedding is about the couple, not about the officiant!
Connect with the wedding planner! This should be a cohesive relationship.

Links we referenced
Https://unboringofficiant.com/bigwedding ($279 for TBWPP listeners!)

“I was like, I wanna be the guy. The guy when somebody googles, hen dad’s google, ‘how to officiate a wedding,’ I’m there. … I became what I wished existed.” - Mark
“I’m the wedding planner for the big picture, but how nice that somebody else, who is going to be leading the ceremony, actually took the wheel a little more, during that hour.” - Christy
“I’ll kick it off, I’m going to introduce you as the ninja of the logistics and you know everything about everything.” - Mark
“The confidence of someone saying ‘this works, this doesn’t work’ is massive.” - Mark

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