#133 White Ink Calligraphy


March 18th, 2019

57 mins 36 secs

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Episode 133 White Ink Calligraphy
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Claire White is a Nashville based owner of White Ink Calligraphy. It started as a side hustle but has since grown to her 2nd full time job. (That’s right, she works full time as an attorney.) She has been practicing pointed pen calligraphy for over 4 years now and has been working under her brand name for 2 years. Her work is gorgeous, y’all. Check out her website and insta - links below, of course. You can see the different styles that Claire specializes in and how calligraphy can be used for so much more than just addressing invitations. Although that is a very nice touch on those invitations! It’s traditional and beautiful and stylish and elevates all signage and paper products. We love it. And we’re pretty fond of Claire too.

Big Takeaways
Most of what Claire does is signage for weddings and invitations and the other part of her work is special custom projects for clients. Like welcome signs for wreaths and family names for large blank walls and song lyrics for a child’s nursery. Fun stuff! The sky is the limit!

Claire has a few distinct styles, a modern lettering style with some block letters mixed in (you’ve definitely seen this style all over instagram at weddings lately - like the last 5 years. Think wood plank welcome sign.). A copper-plate style (traditional cursive - more formal, old world style). And Claire’s signature style is sort of a combination of the two.

A lot of times, the rental is necessary too for signage. Claire also has an inventory of stuff like this...wood planks, mirrors, frames, etc...for her to write on. Calligraphy and rentals together!

Claire asks for the seating chart list the Wednesday before the wedding. Because changes happen! That’s why she only does seating charts for local clients.

$2.50/envelope for front addressing. That gives you an idea of pricing...the more she writes, the more you pay. For a large sign that Claire has to do on-site, it’s approx $150/hour. It’s surprising to hear how affordable to large format pieces are. Maybe something you see on Pinterest is actually attainable!

Links we referenced

“Your hands don’t get tired? My hand gets tired and I’m just texting!” - Christy to Claire

“Calligraphy is an art. A lot of people don’t understand that. They think that every calligrapher should write the same way.” - Claire

“I can knock out a 300 person seating chart in an hour.” - Claire “I don’t think I can do anything in an hour.” - Christy

“The best projects are the ones when the planner gives me freedom.” - Claire, and we agree!

“I think there’s a lot of misconceptions out there. A lot of people think it is a font, that it’s not done by hand. The time it takes...people don’t understand that and that is where the cost comes from.” - Claire

“It’s very old school. Very traditional. But it’s pretty fucking cool and relevant now. It’s timeless!” - Michelle

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