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We’re veering from our typical show structure and topics to delve into TRENDS today. And since we don’t do this very often, we wanted to do it right - with an expert. Anne Chertoff is the Trends Expert (that’s her job title!) at WeddingWire - the premier online resource for wedding planning tools, vendor library, guidance and inspiration. Anne has worked in the wedding industry for 20 years and we are loving picking her brain about what she is seeing right now in the wide world of weddings.
This episode is all over the place -- in a good way! We talk ice cream, gobos, braids, greenery, and all about the tools that couples are using now to personalize their wedding and to give their guests a memorable, unique experience of celebration!

Big Takeaways
What makes Anne an expert?
Her resume includes...

  • Modern Bride magazine
  • Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Various wedding tv shows, websites and partnerships worldwide!
  • She covered the royal wedding for various outlets!
  • Now, she’s at WeddingWire as a Trends Expert and Spokesperson. And she’s speaking to us!

Sidenote - in interviewing Anne, we stumbled upon some really amazing career advice. Basically, do what you love! Anne loved weddings and in a series of baby steps and smart moves (unpaid internship included), Anne crafted her passion for weddings into a career. She talks about trying different things and breaking rules. We agree that life would be awesome if everyone loved their job.

What’s up with WeddingWire, anyway? If WW had been around when Anne was planning her own wedding many years ago, she would have utilized the vendor lists on WW, first and foremost. WW sifts the vendor/venue search for you so you have a place to start. Descriptions, contact info, reviews, photos...it’s all there for you in one place and you can narrow your search depending on your location and budget. Brilliant! The budget tool and the social apps also make things easy and fun...snapchat filters, hashtag generator...the practical and the playful - WeddingWire has it all.

Let’s talk about tech, baby!

  • An app for your guests - WedSocial . It’s an app that you create and your guests can find all the info about your wedding, it is your wedding website, as an app. It’s also a really cool way for everyone to share photos of the wedding, all in one place.
  • WeddingWire Snapchat filters. Creating a customized filter or border with the date...it’s like having a portable photobooth all night long!
  • Hashtags - you come up with a fun hashtag, and then on Instagram and Facebook, all your guests can tag photos. Make a photo album from the hash-tagged photos! There's even a WeddingWire Hashtag Generator
  • Audio Visual is advancing like crazy. Lighting is key. Ask about gobos and image mapping on the walls...innovative and cool ways to customize an otherwise blank space

Wedding Fashion

  • Trends are shifting from show-y, sexy wedding dresses, to more modest, traditional dresses...slowly but surely. Anne loves the high necks and long sleeves right now. Bows on dresses are also trendy right now - done in a modern way.
  • For men, we’re seeing more grooms making fashion statements. Feather bow ties? Awesome! Men are expressing themselves more than ever - accessories, ties, changing suit jackets, slim cut suits. It’s all good, gentlemen.

What about same-sex weddings?
The key is coordination - the style and formality need to coordinate. Not matchy-matchy. You and your partner need to be on the same ‘level’ and if you’re shopping for your wedding day outfits separately, consider bringing a friend to each shopping trip so you know you are going in the right direction. The most important thing is that your looks compliment each other.

The biggest ‘surprise’ player in weddings this year?
Ice Cream has made a big impression this year and it’s still going strong.

  • Old fashioned ice cream trucks
  • Sundae bars
  • Ice cream as performance (have you seen the liquid nitrogen ice cream makers? So cool.)
  • Fancy, playful ice cream as the dessert of a 5 course meal
  • Ice cream cake. It comes in cool colors, it’s customizable, it’s photogenic. Ice cream...who knew?

Elements that are here to stay

  • Wedding Cakes are timeless. The cake cutting photo is iconic. Do it. You won’t regret it!
  • Bridal bouquets are still huge - they complete the look for a bride. We aren’t seeing brides toss the bouquet as often, but carrying a bouquet is here to stay.
  • The big ‘send off’ is evolving and we all still love it.
  • Furniture and specialty rentals are huge right now and don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Links we referenced
Vow to Be Chic
The Black Tux
Black by Vera Wang
Brackish Bow Ties
Garter Girl

“You are wedding-SICK, lady!” - Michelle, to Anne

“Having so much at your fingertips makes it so much easier...it’s all at one place, it’s super easy to use and it’s free.” - Anne, on the virtues of WeddingWire

“The most important thing is for a couple to figure out early on what is important to them. Is it the fashion, is it the food...allocate the money to those areas. And you can find inexpensive ways to do the other things.” - Anne, advice for couples with a tighter budget

“The time is now for men to own their wedding looks.” - Christy, who wants to support this movement

“For flowers, we are seeing a lot of lush centerpieces, and a lot of greenery in centerpieces, which can offset some floral costs.” - Anne on flower trends

“We went from cakes to cupcakes to dessert buffets to candy to donuts...now popsicles are huge.” - Anne, on wedding dessert evolution

We will be recording again with Anne and this time, she will be answering YOUR QUESTIONS! Ask her anything related to wedding trends. Whether it's running an idea by her, asking her advice or asking her for some suggestions for your wedding
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