#47 Wedding Withdrawals


August 16th, 2017

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Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. It’s WORK! But one things for sure. Once the wedding is over, you’ll feel differently. Maybe even a little sad. Perhaps releived? Lost? Depressed? It’s the wedding slump. We are here for you. Group Hug!

Big Takeaways
Talking about your wedding is fun - before and after the wedding! Enjoy the afterglow. Read all the cards you get from guests together. Open the gifts together. Look through all the photos that friends are sending you, and the sneak peek from the videographer. Stay up late with smiles talking about all the amazing dancing and how good the cake tasted. Pat each other on the back - you did it! You’re married! Yay! What now?

Here’s a little breakdown of everything you may need to do right after the wedding, from night of, to weeks after:

  • Cards! Lots of the cards have money in them. So, when you are packing up cars at the end of the night, make sure that you separate the cards so that they don’t get lost in the mix. If you’re sober, open the cards up that night! What fun! Just make sure you note who gave you what...you know, for the thank you notes!

  • Return rentals. If this is part of your rental contract, make sure you have a plan for this after the wedding. If you’re going on a quick honeymoon, assign this task to someone else. (Someone responsible.) Typically, you need to return your cake stand, for example. Do you have unopened alcohol to return to BevMo? Maybe!

  • Mail in your marriage license! Lots of times, the officiant will do this for you, but double check this and mail it in yourself if necessary.

    On marriage licenses...you will need to request a copy of your license. Check with your local jurisdiction regarding this.

  • Name Change! If you’re changing your name - check out HitchSwitch! We’ve heard it’s cool. Link below. (No rush on this part)

  • Final Balances Due! If there are any vendors that have sent you invoices after the wedding - make sure you pay them!

  • Clean and Preserve your dress. Find a reputable dry cleaner for this - one that specializes in wedding dresses.

  • Thank you notes to guests and vendors! We are big fans of thank you notes. It’s a lost art! The one time you are actually expected to send thank you notes is your wedding. So do it.

  • Vendor reviews, along with thank you notes. If you are so inclined, please leave reviews for your vendors on yelp, vendor Facebook pages, Wedding Wire, The Knot...wherever they are listed. We suggest you leave positive reviews and if you have something negative for a vendor, consider emailing them first to see if an issue can be resolved or handled before you leave a terrible review. But, up to you, of course.

  • Wedding Photo Album. Do something with those beautiful photos you paid so much for! We encourage you not to just leave them on the computer, or a flash drive. Create an album. Print and frame. Trust us, the longer you wait on this, the less likely it will get done!

  • And don’t forget about the emotional stuff post-wedding! Once the party is over, you’re married life begins! And your friends and family might not be talking about your wedding anymore. That’s ok! All good things come to an end. If you miss wedding planning - and being in that mode - get a new hobby! Fill your time with a fun project. We also suggest maybe getting a therapist. You know how we love therapy.

  • Consider NOT having your honeymoon right after the wedding...delayed gratification! More time to plan something, more time to look forward to something! It’s the weaning process…

  • Enjoy nesting as a married couple! Decorating, renovating, reinventing...it’s all stuff you can do as a couple. You’re so good at making decisions together now, right? You’ll need something new and fun to talk about. And maybe obsess over. Maybe a new talent emerged when you were wedding planning. Take that and run with it! And if it can be something you and your spouse do together - even better!

Links we referenced
Mpix Online Photo Printing (Album making!)

“Once the wedding is over...it can be a little sad. Or lonely. Like, what am I doing now?”

“Peace out, Bitches. I’m married now!”
~Christy - guessing what listeners think about our podcast after their wedding is over

“You can keep listening to the Big Wedding Planning Podcast after your wedding!”
~Michelle with a great invitation! (Also - call to action: Email us and tell us about your wedding!)

“You just finished a marathon, so it’s a little bit...what do I do now? Now what? Now I just have to stare at my spouse? What are we going to talk about now?”
~This one was layered - Christy and Michelle - we feel you!

“Go see a therapist. Talk your feelings out. We love therapists!”
~Michelle, with advice for the wedding hang over

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