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April 17th, 2019

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If you’re wondering how to buy some of the DIY elements at your wedding for cheap, or what the heck to do with all of the chargers, linens and vases that you bought for your wedding, this is the episode for you!

Jodi Colella runs a hugely successful facebook group – Pittsburgh Wedding Community – which began in 2012 as a local resale group. Turns out there’s a huge demand for wedding items and lots of people were arranging parking lot meet ups to buy and sell wedding goods. (Now there’s over 28,000 people in that group!) The idea for a Pittsburgh Wedding Flea market was born. Now Jodi’s been producing these events for a few years and the last one had almost 1500 people attend to shop. Cost saving for buyers and sellers…plus less waste all around. We love it.

Big Takeaways
What are sellers usually selling? Themed items that all go together - signage, tabletop decor, etc. Matching items, or bulk items also go - in bulk, which is nice and convenient. You may have purchased 50 cheap glass vases or mason jars for your wedding day. You won’t make a ton of money selling them, but you can make some (better than nothing!) - and you can get rid of it all ‘to a good home’ so to speak! Package deals often all go in one shot.

Biggest hint for sellers: You need to price your items to sell. Like - at least 50% off what you paid originally. 50% is a good place to start. 40% would go even faster. Sellers are making 300-800$ depending on what they bring in. It’s worth the cost of a table at a flea market and you aren’t throwing a bunch of shit away or storing it in your garage for years! It’s a win/win.

Guess what doesn’t sell all that successfully? Wedding dresses. Check out our consignment shop episode for help if you want to resell your wedding gown. But keep in mind, that designer dresses are usually the only ones that get picked up. Consider donating to a non-profit!

Handmade items can pick up a pretty penny at the resale markets. Jodi sees a lot of DIY stuff at her markets. If you are creative and made signage and decor for your wedding and it all looked great on your wedding day, then you can probably sell them all to someone else to use the same way. A lot of the sellers bring photos of their weddings so that buyers can see how things looked all set up.

With flowers - DIY weddings use a lot of silk and faux flowers that can easily be repurposed and sold. Sometimes Jodi sees the same arrangements circle back a third and fourth time! As wedding planners, Michelle and Christy have thrown away pounds and pounds of beautiful flowers after weddings. If you opt for faux flowers, you may be able to resell them afterwards. Instead of letting your planner trash them all.

Links we referenced
Jodi’s flea market website: https://weddingfleamarkets.com

“There’s some people in the group that have been there since it started. Which I love because they’re giving advice and they’ve become almost mentors to those that are getting married.” - Jodi, on her massive wedding community facebook group

“I’ve never been to a legit flea market before. So I wouldn’t know what to expect, but I guess if you’ve been to one before, you come prepared!” - Christy

“You’re not going to get what you paid for it. Go in with a realistic expectation - 40-50% off the original price. If you do that, you’ll have a great experience.” - Jodi

“I call it a Bridal Black Friday because they are in and out in 2 hours. It’s fast and furious.” - Jodi

“The one thing I’m coaching them not to sell is their wedding dresses. A resale event is not set up for dresses, it’s set up for decor. It’s a rushed event, not a wedding dress shopping experience.” - Jodi, instead she suggests using a dress consignment shop or online market

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