#108 - Wedding Planner Debrief


October 10th, 2018

58 mins 7 secs

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We are at the tail end of our busiest season, and we need to talk about it! We haven’t had time to just shoot the shit lately on the podcast, so that’s what we’re doing on this one. Except with some jotted down notes and a basic outline in mind. Because we love you and we want you to know what’s in our brains! Tips, tricks, pet peeves and a good ‘ol debriefing between your favorite wedding planner BFFs. Enjoy!

Big Takeaways
Lil tip: If you are doing a card box or bird cage or basket or whatever to hold cards and gifts from guests, put a card in there before the day begins. If you have a guestbook that isn’t totally obviously a guestbook - then have some of your ‘maids sign it first, and then open it to that page. Sometimes guests don’t want to be the first to do something at a wedding. An ‘example’ is a nice indicator that it’s ok and expected!

Pet peeve: Signage. We’ve been wedding planners for a long time. We have seen a whole lot of unnecessary signage in our day. Ease up on the signage! If there’s a tower of cupcakes on a table, you don’t have to put a cute frame or chalkboard telling everyone there is a tower of cupcakes there! We can all see it! They look delicious!

Lesson Learned: If you have a sweets table out for display before the cake is cut, people may (will) help themselves. Which is fine! Unless you don’t want that. Remember - we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: People at weddings love cake. So if you have cake balls or cupcakes out...they may grab them before dinner starts. Also - if you are doing cake for dessert - order enough for every guest! Don’t doubt us on this one, we’ve seen it get ugly when there isn’t enough cake to go around.

If it’s a BYOB bar (you, the client are bringing the booze, not your guests) - better safe than sorry! Over-order so you don’t run out. And make sure your caterer has ordered enough corresponding glassware for the booze you’re bringing. Remember - people drink more than usual at a wedding.

We talk a lot about catering and staffing on this one - examples of what NOT to do. Bottom line - the caterer and the wedding planner work very closely. Both parties need to be on board. Hire carefully! And don’t skimp on staffing. Oh! And always go with a double-sided buffet if you can!

Quick tip! If a dancefloor is being put outside, make sure you have someone to sweep it off before the wedding starts.

This is a big one: if you have a plan for an outside event - no matter what, you need a plan B in case the weather is horrible. No one can control weather! Having a plan B is crucial. But that’s not the end of it. You need to NOT HATE your plan B. If the plan B at the venue sucks, try to find another venue!

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“It just feels super damn good to help people. And to put out there what’s in our heads!” - Michelle, on how it’s not about the money (but we do need money, so become a patron please)

“This is the kind of stuff that we would share with each other. Like, wedding planner real talk. We’re uploading/downloading our thoughts and experiences from the last few events we’ve done.” - Christy

“I always schedule Last Call at least 30 minutes before the last dance. And that’s something that should be set on your timeline and that the catering company is aware of and that the DJ can announce.” - Christy

“The caterer is the hub of the wedding.” - Michelle

“It was wonderful because the two grooms were wonderful. And they knew that this wedding ceremony was going to be extremely personal and special no matter if we had to do it in a broom closet.” - Christy

“We like to talk about these weddings when they’re fresh on our minds. It’s nice to do a recap!” - Michelle

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