#18 Wedding Day Timeline Part 2 of 3


February 1st, 2017

39 mins 55 secs

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Special dances, toasts, thoughtfully selected song choices… Do you want to toss a bouquet? Should that be done before or after the cake cutting? Let’s figure this out!

In Part 1, it was the frame and now, in this episode, we start to add some color - some fun - some personality - to the timeline. We dive into what we refer to as the MICRO EVENTS - the part of the wedding that make your day all about you.

Here is the list of MICRO EVENTS that we review and dissect:

  • Receiving Line
  • First Dance
    • Toasts (Check out our Toasts episode!)
    • Cake Cutting
      • some guests will leave right after you serve the cake
      • you will need to allot about 30 minutes from when you cut the cake until it’s served
      • coffee service is usually set up during this time as well
    • Father Daughter Dance / Mother Son Dance
      • Sometimes these two are combined into one
      • we suggest cutting the song to about 2 minutes long!
    • Money Dance
      • never seen one that was less than 15 minutes
      • review the logistics of the money dance with your planner and/or dj
    • Anniversary Dance
    • Horah!
    • Choreographed Dance
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Garter Toss
    • Last Dance
    • Last Dance - private
    • Farewell

How long do each of these micro events typically take? What is the order of these events? Remember - there are no rules for weddings anymore - it’s all a suggestion. Enlist the advice of the professionals you hire as your vendor team.
Think about other weddings you have been to as a guest. What did you like? What did you think was boring, or didn’t work logistically? Think about what is important to you and your partner and do your thing!

Announcements help guide the party - the DJ or Emcee facilitates the order of events. You are the one that gives your DJ the order of events and he/she should work from your timeline. Confirm this with him (or her) the week before the wedding!

Don’t forget to keep some buffer time in your timeline - allot 5 minutes per toast, and 5 minutes for each special dance, even if you don’t think they will take this long.

Links we referenced

“A good timeline will inform your vendor team, and your wedding party, and your parents, and anybody that asks you a random-ass question the week of the wedding...like your cousin who just can’t figure out when the shuttle arrives at the hotel.” - Christy, on the virtues of a good f-ing timeline

“I love wedding dancing. As we get older, weddings are the only place we can dance in a crowd of people. I don’t go out to ‘da clubs’ anymore.” - Christy
“I do! I went to the Castro last weekend and danced.” - Michelle
“Good for you.” - Christy

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