#56 Wedding Crashers & Natural Disasters


October 18th, 2017

40 mins 53 secs

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Michelle deals with a ‘first’ in her illustrious wedding planning career, and we round it out with some great, applicable advice about what to do if your wedding is affected by crazy weather and potentially dangerous conditions. A skateboarding accident isn’t a natural disaster, but we’re still gonna talk about it! Christy and Michelle catch up in the midst of a very busy wedding season.

Big Takeaways
We’re multitasking mamas. We dish out some parenting advice in this one - basically, put wrist and knee pads on your skateboarding kids, and lead by example!

Wedding Crashers is a funny movie, but it’s not cool in real life! Michelle relied on the awesome hotel event staff at her wedding and they dealt with a belligerent wedding crasher together. This is most likely to happen when the wedding takes place at a big hotel, especially a hotel with more than one wedding on property at a time. One of the pros of having a wedding planner is that issues like this get dealt with behind the scenes, and you (as the couple) don’t even know about it until afterwards! Ideally…

A Natural disaster can add a huge amount of stress to an already stressful wedding planning process, that’s for sure. Decisions have to be made late in the game, and they’re not decisions anyone wants to have to make. Remember, if you are dealing with something like this - safety first. If a cancellation call has to be made, make it. It sucks, but your guests will celebrate with you upon rescheduling. It’s rare that extreme weather or ‘Acts of God’ actually affect wedding planning, but if they do, you’ll be happy you listened to this podcast so you know what to do first, second and third! In short, if you hired a wedding planner, you’ll call her first - she should help if she’s able, and communicate with vendors on your behalf. (And you’ll be happy you hired a wedding planner when you started the process! Good for you!)

Wedding Insurance. We don’t talk about this a lot on the podcast, but we’re going to from now on, cause shit’s just getting crazy out there! Basically, you need it. There are two types: LIABILITY and CANCELLATION - a lot of venues require you to have liability insurance, it costs about $150 and covers you for up to a million in damages or accidents. You get it for one day, and you can ask your insurance agent about adding it to your homeowners policy if you have one. Or, check out the two websites we listed! Cancellation insurance is supplemental to liability, so you’d be paying separately for it. It protects you in the event that you cancel or reschedule your wedding...it protects you financially and reimburses your deposits and retainers if your vendors won’t. We suggest both.

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  • “What the hell were you doing on a skateboard?! That’s awesome.” - Michelle, to Christy

  • “Something crazy happened for the first time ever. We had wedding crashers!” - Michelle, there’s a first for everything!

  • “I’m like, no. Get out. Go away. Stop this.” - Michelle, on kicking out wedding crashers

  • “If you are dealing with any kind of natural disaster, try to remember that we’re all in this together...Everyone’s dealing with it. Try to be patient and compassionate.” - Christy, her umbrella advice on natural disasters

  • “You don’t plan around it, you just deal with it when it happens.” - Christy, on ‘hurricane season’

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