#143 Wedding Aesthetic. Where to begin?


May 22nd, 2019

57 mins 21 secs

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The idea of designing a wedding is stressful! We’ve all been down a Pinterest hole or two, consumed with ideas and inspiration that just lead to more confusion and anxiety. Thankfully, there’s Kasey Kyprianou, a wedding designer, to help bring your significant other and your authentic selves into your big day. Through getting to know you on a more personal level, Kasey is able to transform your wishes into beautiful designs for everything from invitations to signage and more.

Big Takeaways
It is so important to have elements of what you love in your wedding. Even if you are bound by a budget, or by desires from family that is helping pay. The imagery and designs that Kasey makes can come with you to your florist and your cake designer and be used in every element to create a cohesive day.

Custom design is around 5-10% of the overall budget. This number gives Kasey an idea of what and how much she can do. The baseline includes a three piece standard invitation, and there are many options for add-ons up to a full service custom design suite.

Think about what you love as a couple
Reflect on experiences together that bring you joy
Every element could matter, be yourself and enjoy the process
Don’t let yourself be shamed, if you love it, use it, it’s your big day

Links we referenced

“A lot of couples get stuck, initially, on approaching it from the wrong direction and that’s what really gets them tied up.” - Kasey

“Getting to know my couples is really where I get every ounce of my inspiration.” - Kasey

“My mantra is that we follow hearts, not trends.” - Kasey

“When you get something that’s an invitation, that is so the couple without it being a physical picture of the couple, like damn I have done a good job.” - Kasey

“I’ve given you all the tools, now fly out of the nest yourself. You can do it.” - Christy

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