#90 Wedding Adventures with The Hearnes


June 6th, 2018

1 hr 6 mins 30 secs

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Michelle interviews adventure wedding photographers Abbi and Callen Hearnes. They live in their van full time and they shoot everywhere - most often at Yosemite and Moab. Their photos are OFF THE HOOK. And yes, we still think that saying is relevant.

Big Takeaways

1 We - both Michelle and Christy - do hourly consulting via Facetime and Skype. You don’t have to meet us in person to pick our brains and work out some wedding planning issues together! Just hit us up and we’ll schedule you in! We’re offering a discount on our hourly fees to podcast listeners and we promise, it’s a lot of bang for your buck! You can hire one of us or both of us together. Michelle - michelle@allureconsulting.com. Christy - christy@christymatthewsevents.com

2 One of Michelle’s former brides and a guest on the podcast (Episode 57 “A Wedding Day Story”) had two new podcasts of her own out now and we think you should check them out! “The Pet Loss Podcast” and “High on Paint Fumes with Stephanie Lam”.

The Hearnes found out fast that as soon as they committed full time to their photography and hit the road (literally), they were on a fast track to success. The go above and beyond - again, literally - to make these photos happy. Their clients love the adventure, the Hearnes love the adventure, and the photos are filled with life and joy and smiles...all against a ridiculous backdrops of high elevation, extreme rock formations, and huge sky. The photos are high drama, but so grounded. Absolutely breathtaking!

Here’s the blurb on their website:
We are a husband and wife destination wedding photography team with an emphasis on epic landscapes and grand adventure. Our photography style is romantic, timeless, and true. We strive to capture your wedding day in an authentic way, creating photos filled with emotion and beauty. We are outdoor enthusiasts inspired by windy mountain tops, rocky deserts, towering forests, and striking coastlines. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the right attitude. Our couples prefer a peaceful, relaxed wedding day with an emphasis on their love for each other and for the outdoors.

We are nomadic wedding photographers living on the road full time, which allows us to serve the west coast, southwestern desert, rocky mountains, and the pacific northwest. We have simplified packages that include travel fees for weddings in Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. We are no strangers to long drives. You might see us in Yosemite National Park one weekend for a sunrise wedding, followed by a canyoneering elopement in Moab, Utah a few days later. We have updated passports and are willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Who hires The Hearnes? Couples that prioritize experiences and traveling over ‘nice things’ and that’s how they plan their weddings. They work with couples that live like they do, and they work with couples who aspire to be as nomadic and adventurous as the photographers are. What a cool way to start your life as a married couple!

A lot weddings that the Hearnes shoot are elopements. Some have a few guests...but most are just the couple and an officiant. They hike up to the spot (hike included in the photography package!), get married, and hike back down. Amazing photos to commemorate the occasion!

Research your national park permit requirements
Don’t check your dress
Know what it takes to be a ‘legal’ marriage - every state is different
Make sure the shirt/jacket coordinates with the dress (if applicable)

Callen and Abbi are full time explorers. There aren’t two other people who know Yosemite like they do - so the location knowledge is what makes their photography packages so invaluable. We are in awe.

Links we referenced
Our episode with Stephanie Lam - former bride and current podcast host and producer: http://www.thebigweddingplanningpodcast.com/a-wedding-day-story
The Hearnes instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/thehearnes/
The Hearnes website: https://thehearnes.com/more-info
The Moab retreat company mentioned: https://www.wildsolretreats.cQuotes
“I was like Holy Shit! Who is this? There’s this couple. On a cliff. The couple looked really happy...and there was like this freedom and love exuding from this photo ...I was like, who took this photo??” - Michelle, on how she fell in love with the Hearnes

“It’s definitely a challenge living in such a small place together and running a business together... But it’s totally worth it. We always say that we reduce the size of our home, but we have an infinite backyard.” - Abbi

“We are trying to show people that you can elope, and still have the dream wedding that you’ve always wanted.” - Abbi

“We’re wedding planners, we’re hiking guides and photographers. And then we’re friends at the end, which is the raddest thing about this gig.” - Callen

“It’s really important to hire vendors that know what they’re doing and know how to work in the place that you are getting married if it’s not in a traditional place that they’ve been before.” - Abbi

“The biggest takeaway is that you can do something different. If the big wedding doesn’t resonate with you, you don’t have to do that. Just figure out what feels right for your personalities...Do it on your wedding day and do it together.” - Abbi

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