#100 We Made it to 100!


August 15th, 2018

1 hr 58 secs

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About this Episode

Christy and Michelle look back on the past 100 episodes and celebrate the milestones! We’re reading reviews, listener engagement, future plans, hearing from a few special guests and rolling out our consulting services officially!

Big Takeaways
We know the intro is a little annoying. But we have to keep it now, yall! We’ve come too far!

We want to know what you want to hear! We say it a thousand times, but there are MANY ways to reach out to us. Hit us up! Topics, questions, guests you want to hear...what would be helpful to you? What have we left out or just glossed over?

Individual Consulting: Here’s the deal. Michelle and Christy are available for consulting hours. We have a consulting package and we can help you in any place along your wedding planning journey. We’re both certified wedding planners and business owners and we are working with clients that have hired us locally to be their full or month-of planner. Another service we both offer is remote consulting and it is GOOD, you guys. So valuable. We set a two hour time frame and Skype or Facetime. $200 for 2 hours. And it includes a preview correspondence or follow up email. We can review your timeline, floor plans, shot list...whatever questions you have, at any stage of planning. Sometimes the most helpful thing is just picking a wedding planner’s brain before you even embark on the heavy lifting of wedding planning. A ‘Getting Started’ meeting can get you on the right track and save you tons of time, money and grief later down the road. We’re here for you! You can email us together at thebigweddingplanningpodcast@gmail.com or individually at Michelle@allureconsulting.com or Christy@christymatthewsevents.com
We would LOVE to hear from you!

We love each other and we love that we are able to do this podcast, and that we have done it for well over a year now. We hope that our relationship and conversations about weddings and life have helped you and inspired you. It has fed our souls and we don’t take it for granted! Thank you for going on this journey with us! We have so many exciting episodes coming up and some big announcements as well.

Links we referenced

“We keep it real. We keep it grounded. We’re not talking about some lofty version of wedding planning here.” - Christy, on our mission!

“We want to thank you for listening and we want to celebrate this 100th episode with you! We want you to know that we are so grateful to be doing this.” - Christy

“It freaking blows my mind still that there are thousands of people listening to you and me do this. Like bullshit around and talk and get excited!” - Michelle

“This engagement is gratifying!” - Christy, we love connecting with our listeners

“If you’re out there playing your own wedding and you feel in any way guilty or if you’re questioning if something is ok for you to do...Yes. It is ok.” - Christy, on second weddings

“I’ve gotten a lot of life lessons out of this. I’ve learned more about myself and my family and it’s pretty amazing. That this has happened!” - Michelle “Yea, something a little bit cathartic happens between the two of us.” - Christy

“Thank you for listening and thank you for giving us a reason to keep doing this!” - Michelle

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