#26 We Love You Guys!


March 29th, 2017

42 mins 45 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We’ve been doing a lot of interviews and heavy informative stuff on the podcast lately, so we needed to circle back to the fun we have doing this show together as co-hosts! Not that interviews aren’t fun - because they definitely are, but we miss each other!

In this episode, we love on each other, and we love on you, our dear listeners and fans! Join us for some laughs, some Spanish lessons, and we hope you can hear our smiles as we read some of your emails to us, and some reviews!

Big Takeaways
We’re global! People are downloading our podcast in Mexico, Australia and all over Europe. Weddings! Everyone loves ‘em.

You love us, you really love us! A couple reviewers mentioned how informative and FUN we are. Aw shucks, y’all. You sure know how to make two wedding planners feel special.

Some listener questions we addressed:

  • How do we, as wedding planners, feel about a loose wedding day timeline...one that doesn’t have micro-events happening… Pros and Cons! We discuss them.
  • Is it imperative that I have a PROFESSIONAL planner for my wedding day? Michelle and Christy address the non-professional ‘day of’ planner...we have mixed feelings about this. But as always, we come back to our one truth here on TBWPP...this is YOUR wedding. You do you. (At your own risk.)
  • We revisit the cake cutting question...Is it ok to have a small ‘display cake’ on the dessert buffet, one that we cut, but do not serve? Michelle and Christy disagree a little on this one! Exciting stuff!

Here’s whats coming up in the next few weeks
Michelle’s interview with Michelle Walker, wedding photographer
Michelle’s interview with Kathy Newby, Abbey Party Rentals
Christy’s interview with her BFF Lauren - Lauren is a bride and the wedding is SOON!
Michelle and Christy touch base with Matt and Amanda - our awesome podcasting engaged couple...their wedding is coming up soon too and they have lots of wedding planning wisdom to share
Hair and Makeup Timeline - hints and necessities
Wedding DIYs...what works, what doesn’t
Breaking down the Wedding Day Setup List

Social Media - Ah! Twitter...we need a twitter miracle. Christy is STILL looking for it. Every damn day. Follow us on twitter. Comment! Retweet!

Links we referenced
Our website! Specifically our profile page, which includes pictures of us.
Our host - Fireside It’s a podcasting platform for and by podcasters. We love it!

“This is by far the best wedding planning podcast I’ve listened to.” - Boom! This is from a listener! Pugmaster!

“This person’s handle is ‘One Very Satisfied User’” “That is the same title I gave on the review I just wrote for a vibrator I bought on Amazon. One VERY satisfied user.” - Christy bought a vibrator. What?

“Your ability to relax and enjoy your wedding day is paramount...if you go into it with a positive attitude and you are determined to enjoy your day, you probably will!” - Christy, on just making the decision to be HAPPY

“Screw you, I did not say Spanish Dancers!” - Michelle. If she had a dime for every time she has to say that sentence!

“There’s no rule that says you have to cut into a cake. You can even have popcorn balls. Everybody likes a good popcorn ball.” - Michelle. I guess we know at least 1 person who loves popcorn balls!

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