#194 Virtual Weddings


April 22nd, 2020

1 hr 16 mins 31 secs

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Jason Mitchell Kahn has been planning weddings for ten years now. It began while he was running all of the events at the iconic Soho House New York and became known as their in- house wedding guru. When same-sex marriage first became legal in New York he pitched his idea and got a book deal to publish the first wedding planner for gay grooms aptly named Getting Groomed.

From there he went to Shiraz Events overseeing their wedding division in New York, Los Angeles and London. He is now in the third year of having his own business Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Weddings and Editorial for Men’s Vows. Jason is also a playwright and known for bringing his story-telling lens to his events. You can read a handful of his creative ideas on his latest blog post “Tips for a Successful Virtual Wedding.” Today he joins us to share some of those valuable tips!

We are also joined by real life quarantine wedding couples - Jim and Kim, and Julia and Jordan. And wedding photographer David Perlman.

Big Takeaways
There are tech sides to a zoom wedding! It’s still important to think and prepare beforehand. Logistically, consider if you can get your wedding license during the shut down. If not, know if that is an important factor to your virtual ceremony. Couple Jim and Kim had their license before the shut down, and they decided they still will do an in-person ceremony in December. There is a lot of room to get creative. There are no precedents for this, make it yours.
Give yourself some room to be sad and upset. Don’t think you have to adjust immediately. Feelings are part of this process.
If you are interested in getting married in this way during the quarantine, but cannot get your hand on a marriage license, contact your county office. It is possible to change laws and restrictions if enough people ask for the licenses to become available.
The most important parts of the recipe are the officiant, the couple, and the zoom link.
Make the day different than other days. Order nice takeout, get out the good champagne, do something to have a genuine celebration.
Links We Referenced
thrivecausemetics.com/bigwedding (Code: BIGWEDDING at checkout for 15% off)

“In some ways, more people are attending than would have at in person weddings, because no one is restricted by travel or anything like that.” - Jason
“It’s not as hard as you would think to do, just practice!” - Jim
“Be very humble with the people you are working with, because they will work a lot harder if you actually treat them like a human being.” - Jim
“I got all dressed up in my suit. I got all ready for their wedding, at my home. And I took pictures of my computer screen.” - David

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