#103 Unapologetic. Inspiring. Steph Grant. LGBT Photographer


September 5th, 2018

58 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

This is the story of photographer Steph Grant, told - sometimes chaotically - by Steph Grant. We had so much fun talking to Steph! She is a dear friend of Christy’s and we are sure you are going to fall in love with her. She is passionate, driven, endlessly energetic, compassionate and she seeks connection and expression in everything she touches. Steph shoots weddings (mostly lesbian) literally all over the world and her images tell a story of the wedding day, and the bigger love story of the couple. In this episode, we dive right in and swim all over! Steph’s nonprofit ‘Promote Love’ is growing exponentially and we’re here for it!

Big Takeaways
Steph’s press blurb: As an out lesbian photographer my primary focus is to make you feel comfortable so that your personalities and love are captured in every wedding photograph. I love every second of my job. I have worked very hard to be exactly where I am…and that is right here in this moment with you. My goal is to get to know your love story & to tell it with my images. I want to make you smile, cry and laugh at the memories that might have been forgotten in those 8 hours. It’s so rewarding to have people say that they felt like they were actually there attending the weddings that I have shot. They can feel the love and happiness in those moments. In the summer of 2013 I photographed the first lesbian Indian wedding in the USA. I am proud to say it was love story that changed the hearts and minds of many around the world.

Steph has taken the opportunity to share her story about coming out and living truthfully when raised in a religious family...she followed her dreams, but her path wasn’t easy. Once she became a successful photographer (feeling like it was overnight…), she realized that what she was REALLY good at wat storytelling. And that in order to tell the stories of others...the inspiring, amazing, beautiful love stories...she had to tell her own story. That process, of finding herself and learning to love herself, ultimately became Promote Love Movement. And now - because she is a crazy person - Steph runs the non-profit AND two successful photography businesses. Check out the links on this one, y’all! You won’t regret it.

Steph, Christy, and Michelle talk about what marriage means to them, why ‘gay weddings’ are still a thing vs just ‘weddings’, a great bridal jumpsuit (link!), charity work, and how Steph’s career came to be. There’s advice, a little stream of consciousness, some real heart and we all had so much fun. Can’t wait to hear what all our listeners think!

Links we referenced
Steph’s photography site: http://www.stephgrantphotography.com/blog/
Wedding that catapulted Steph into BIG status: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/20/steph-grant-lesbian-indian-wedding_n_3624326.html
Steph’s nonprofit site: http://www.promotelovemovement.com
Steph’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imsteph/
Bridal jumpsuit (dreamy!) : https://www.blackhalo.com/the-jumpsuit/jumpsuits/antoinette-jumpsuit
We’re gonna be at this wedding event! - www.modernloveevent.com

*Quotes *
“We can say whatever the fuck we want! It’s our podcast.” - Michelle, getting things started!

“Steph is one of those rare unicorn humans that is delighted by all things big and small. But also sometimes has the attention span of a fruitfly. A creative genius fruitfly.” - Christy “This is true.” - Steph

“I spend most of my time doing wedding photography. I specialize in LGBT weddings. And it’s not just coming in and shooting for 8 hours, and documenting that day...it’s getting to know the couple and their crew and helping to tell their love story.” - Steph - her short bio

“It’s called ‘calculated vulnerability’...we’re getting right in here!” - Steph

“This is the origin story of how Steph Grant skyrocketed to the current ‘Steph Grant.’” - Christy

“It’s not just a party. If you’re really wanting to just have a big party - that’s great too! Live together, be partners in crime for the rest of your lives...and don’t go through all the paperwork if that doesn’t work for you!” - Steph, on why marriage maybe isn’t for everyone

“Marriage is hard. If you’re stressed out about wedding planning...this shit is NOTHING compared to the actual marriage. It is work. It is hard.” - Christy, about the celebrate her 9th anniversary!

“Embrace your own style so that you are more comfortable on your wedding day. Your style, elevated...when you bring your own style to your wedding, the photos are phenomenal.” - Steph

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