#9 The Wedding Planner


November 30th, 2016

47 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

It can get confusing. Wedding Planner, Wedding Consultant, Day Of Coordination, Month Of Coordination, the venue has a coordinator, we don’t blame you for being confused. In this episode, we discuss and explain in depth all of the terms and services so that it all makes sense.

Big Take Aways

  • Christy and Michelle share their airplane rituals, drinking tricks, and Garage Band editing prowess. We aren’t just Wedding Planners, we’re real people, y’all! Also, Christy is into the podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’, check it out, you’ll thank us later.

  • Wedding Planners come in many shapes and sizes! And titles. A planner and coordinator are similar – engaged couples hire them and then the planner works with the couple directly, providing guidance and references, helping with the timeline and all the logistics, as an advocate and liaison for the couple. A venue coordinator works for the venue, not for the couple, necessarily. A designer primarily works on the way a wedding looks and feels, not the details and logistics of the day.

  • Most planners typically offer 3 basic services: Month Of Planning, Partial Planning, Full Planning. Compare prices, but also compare exactly what each planner offers within these categories.

  • Be weary and get educated about ‘Day Of Wedding Coordination’ – Don’t hire someone that says they will just work 8 hours on the wedding day and it will all be fine...it won’t be.

  • We think that Month of Coordination is an incredible value and we highly recommend hiring a planner for this service.

Links We Referenced

Certification course that Michelle and Christy both took to become certified wedding consultants: https://www.ce.csueastbay.edu/ce/programs/wedding-planner/

Episode Quotes

“CWC – Certified Wedding Consultant, that is my official title. General lingo on the street is ‘wedding planner’.” “As consultants, you do some teaching, I do some speaking, we’re getting paid to do things other than actual wedding planning, which is our expertise, more of a consultant. Also, working with a couple for only a couple of hours, to answer questions, and that feels more like consulting than planning.” – Christy and Michelle, discussing their title. Confused yet?

“I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as a true ‘Day of Planner’ – no matter what they call themselves, it’s not possible to do a good job by just showing up on the day of the wedding and getting a bit of info from the bride and just planning the wedding from that point. That’s just a recipe for disaster.” –Christy, on a ‘day of wedding planning’

“About a month before – Boom! There’s all these details! And at that point, you don’t want your phone ringing off the hook with vendors asking questions, or your email inundated with all these questions about details while you are trying to get things done in your real life – like work!” - Michelle, on what a great Month-of wedding planner will help you with

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