#20 The Wedding Day Timeline Part 3 of 3


February 15th, 2017

41 mins 38 secs

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Big Takeaways
Logistics...Contract review...Vendor policies! This part is, admittedly, not the most fun part of wedding planning. Which is why it’s a feat that Christy and Michelle managed to make talking about it FUN. Or at least we tried. This is part 3 of 3 - TIMELINES.

Part 1 - Framing. The Main Events.

Part 2 - Fun! The Micro Events.

Part 3 - Plugging in the rest. We break down all the ‘little’ details that will flesh out and complete your final day-of timeline.

Here is the list of logistics that we reviewed and dissected:

  • Vendor Arrival Times
  • Vendor Strike Times
  • When can you arrive at the venue?
  • When will your guests arrive at the venue?
  • Where are you getting ready?
  • Transportation. It can get very complicated if you are dealing with multiple pick ups, more than one shuttle bus, and tight schedules. What is a spot time? We’ll talk about it. Don’t forget buffer time!
  • Getting Ready
    • Hair and Makeup Schedule
    • Is your photographer going to capture ‘getting ready’ time?
    • Make sure you eat!
    • Venue Policies - make sure you vacate the premises according to contract - allow time for this process if necessary.
    • How is the wedding party, family and VIPs getting to the venue(s)?
    • Be responsible. Include ‘last call’ in your timeline. And be familiar with the parking policy at the venue - can guests leave cars there if they are too drunk to drive home? Is a taxi or Uber available?

Getting the word out - You need to send your vendors and venue manager your timeline and you need to do this with enough time for them to review it, and get back to you with questions or necessary adjustments. One change by one vendor can affect the timeline for everyone else, so you’ll send out a semi-final version and then make changes and then send out a FINAL-FINAL version.

Hey! Remember, this part is detailed and might get a little frustrating, especially the transportation part. (A great wedding planner can help with this!) And when you are done with your timeline - frame it! Just kidding. But you should let yourself revel in it a little. You did it and now it’s time to enjoy the big day You’ve figured it all out. Now let the pros handle it.

Who, what, when, where. Include full addresses. The timeline is the map and the instructions, and you will give it to vendors and they’ll have to find their own way on the wedding day. Be detailed, and write everything down in a clear and concise way.

Links we referenced

“You do at some point have to let the pros take it and run with it.” - Christy - this is the goal for creating a timeline!
“It’s very satisfying knowing how the day is going to flow, and the feel of it...once you have the main components of the timeline, it really tells a story.” - Michelle, describing the joys of wedding planning!
“Any way you slice it, the timeline is important, and putting in these final numbers, based on the contracts that you’ve signed and based on transportation...these things will flesh out your timeline.” - Christy, any way you slice it
“Better safe than sorry. Always put in a 10-15 minute buffer in your travel. That way, if the bus is 5 minutes late, and it leaves 5 minutes late, you have the buffer time in your wedding day schedule.” - Michelle, the buff buffer

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