#157 The Original Butt Sketch. A Unique Vendor


August 21st, 2019

1 hr 10 mins 36 secs

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Today’s guest is the one and only, the original, the man, the myth, the legend - Krandel Lee Newton, of Dallas Texas. Krandel graciously joined Christy and her family for dinner recently and they talked and hung out for over 4 hours. Afterward, Christy’s parent’s said, “That was one of the most interesting and enjoyable guests we have ever had the pleasure of hosting! Thank you, Christy!” We think after this episode, you will share their sentiments. At least we hope you do!

Krandel Lee Newton is the creator of The Original Butt Sketch®, a popular art form that
spotlights a person’s backside. He has sketched more than 500,000 butts for audiences at
weddings, conventions, corporate functions and private parties all over the world. All shapes
and sizes – famous butts, as well as young and old backsides have been sketched.
Magazines, newspapers, television, social media - both nationally and internationally - have
spread the word about Newton and his group of dedicated, hardworking and fun artists. The
Original Butt Sketch® World Tour has been sweeping the land.
The 2-1/2 minutes, charcoal sketches were made famous on a street corner in the historic
West End in Dallas, TX. He put his easel up on a street corner and quickly earned a loyal
following. He credits the success of The Original Butt Sketch® to the first clients who turned
their backs on him.
Currently, Newton maintains The Original Butt Sketch® World Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Big Takeaways
It’s difficult to put this episode into bullet points, but we did have an outline going into the interview, like we always do with guests. Let’s startt with the reason we wanted to interview Krandel for our podcast: What Krandel does unique. He is an artist and has the service - for weddings and corporate events - down to a science.

We hear from so many listeners and clients looking for fun, unique, interactive ways to entertain and party with their guests. Booking these artists and performers may have a slightly different process or feel during the planning process. If you want to do something cool and different and memorable at your wedding - stick with it! It’s worth it.

People hire Krandel for lots of different reasons. What he knows for sure is that it’s hard to describe what he does - and for people to ‘get it’ - until they see it. Most of his good leads are from people that have seen or worked with Krandel somewhere else. They know, and they may be the only people in the whole room that know, that the Butt Sketch is a HIT! Absolutely entertaining. It’s unique and memorable and interactive. It’s art and it’s performance. And your guests get a great experience and an awesome momento of the event. And it’s a hell of an ice breaker!

Professionalism and consistency. These things are key - even if you are hiring an ‘offbeat’ artist to be on your vendor team for the wedding day. You need communication. You need a contract. And you need to feel like the wedding planning process - and the day of - is respected as an important job. Krandel tells us how easy it is to hire him or one of his artists in this episode.

Some logistics to consider when hiring an artist: FInd out if they take breaks. And if they do (the Buttsketch Artists do not), you need to know how many, and how long. And if you need to provide food, beverages, outlets, storage, etc. Also, you (the client) may want to tip your artist. We suggest you do, of course, if you are happy with the service. And expect an overtime charge if you have them go overtime. This is normal and should be expected. It’s a job, remember!

Links we referenced

“People are fascinated to see it develop. For us, or for me personally, every time someone is in front of me, it’s a challenge. It’s not cookie cutter. I have to concentrate...I have a moment of, ‘Oh God, I hope I get this right.’ ” - Krandel

“Once we get going, there’s a lot of laughter. You hear all this buzzing around and you would think we’re over there cracking jokes, but we’re not! It’s really the crowd getting to a comfortable point.” - Krandel - on the guests, having so much fun!

“The idea of being an artist - but in business...you talk about how your artists have all been trained by you. But we are not just talking about training them in how to draw a certain style. But sort of the Rules of Engagement. How to interact. What not to do. What times to pull back...as planners, that matters to us!” - Christy

“What planners want is dependability. Are you going to show up. And professionalism. We take that trust seriously. If we’re hired by a planner, it’s my job to make that planner look good.” - Krandel (You know we love to hear that!)

“Streamlined and simple. You’ve got a lot of other stuff to take care of! We take pride in being the easiest and less anxiety-inducing business you hire.” - Krandel, on his business practices

“The thing is, when you see us, you’ve never heard of us. That’s the beauty. 95% of the people at your wedding have never heard of us, which is going to make you look good because you have something fresh. But the fact is we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.” - Krandel, on success and longevity

“You want the person you hire to fit in, but to also elevate the experience.” - Christy, on hiring artists

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