#54 Quick Focus! The Guest Book


October 4th, 2017

11 mins 17 secs

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What is a guest book? Is it necessary? Is it something our parents had at their wedding that we want too, or is it old fashioned and uncool? Listen to this short episode and find out!

A guest book is traditional, easy, decorative, personal...and in our opinion - necessary! All you need is a book, pens, and a flat surface for guests to work on. The guest book is a keepsake and we think they’re great!

Some ideas:
-Coffee Table Book - Big, hard cover, glossy photos. A book made to display. Architecture, awesome city you love - Paris, vintage Italian black and white fashion photos, Vogue lookbook...
-Atlas or Geographically specific book - your hometown, the wedding location, your favorite place in the world, your honeymoon destination…in a book of maps, guests can circle and sign next to their favorite cities if they want to, or sign on a page that depicts a place you have been together
-Photo Album of you two - your lives together, or your professional engagement pics
-Large Photo or Mat
-Artwork on canvas
-Custom art prints - Etsy has lots of these to choose from
-Individual items...pieces of a Jenga game!
-One large item that everyone signs...like a magnum wine bottle!
-Something the guest does...takes a selfie, fingerprint, message request (rules for the happy couple... Newlywed tip jar... Date night ideas…)
-A journal or book of blank pages - have someone do a page as an ‘example’! Easy Peasy.

Mark and Graham for leather monogrammed books/journals

Etsy custom prints

Mpix for photobooks:

Shutterfly for photobooks

Final Tip
If you have a book, and the pages are glossy, make sure you test the pens so that you don’t put those smear-y pens out for your guests.

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