#31 The Final Details


May 3rd, 2017

46 mins 35 secs

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Michelle and Christy are wedding planners. Part of being a wedding planner is carrying around a very VERY important clipboard. This clipboard has very important documents on it. A timeline, floorplans, contact list, ceremony layout, and the final details list. What items are you bringing to your wedding? Where do they need to be set up? What do you want back at the end of the night? The Final Details list answers these questions and many more! It’s awesome and informative and has satisfying tiny squares so you can check things off- as you pack them up, and as you set them out on your wedding day. Of course, if you have a planner, she will do the set-up part for you!
This episode is about the ITEMS. We have suggestions, reminders and tactics to keep your shit together, literally!

Big Takeaways
If you are in the middle of planning your wedding, you probably have a pile of stuff that you are collecting for your wedding day. This is normal! We suggest keeping track of everything, writing down an inventory list and checking it twice as you pack everything up the week of your wedding.

Don’t forget to list every item that you want back at the end of the night - and where you want these items to end up. Sometimes it’s your mom’s car parked at the venue, sometimes it’s your hotel room. We suggest you delegate someone else to deal with these items at the end of the night if you have a lot. You don’t want to come back to a hotel room filled with leftover food, cake, boxes of unopened beverages, 35 framed table numbers, gifts and cards and randoms odds and ends. That’s not sexy!

We run down our basic list - the original template that we both use for wedding days. Looks something like this: (we can’t give away all our insider secrets!)
Unity Candles w/ holders & fire source (light them all and blow them out)
Programs (place 1 on every seat in first row for immediate family)
Does the Best Man have the rings?
Does the flower girl have her basket with petals / pomander?
Does the ring bearer have his pillow w/ fake rings tied to it?

You have lots to think about, many items that need to make it from one place to another, and you need a plan in place for how you get all these items back at the end of the night. Our list breaks down items that you may be bringing from home, or some that might be family heirlooms. We also talk about what the florist, rental company, and venue may be responsible for bringing as well...and where on the list you should categorize these items.

Links we referenced

“We are going to teach you something here. This is a learning episode...this is serious!” -Michelle, with a warning to our listeners

“This episode is about the final details...those tangible, miscellaneous items. The kind of shit that can get forgotten.” -Michelle, in summary

“Happy wedding season, y’all! It’s official!” -Christy, signing off

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