#176 The Ceremony Layout


January 1st, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

This is a learning episode! Today we are going to role-play our way through meeting with a month-of planner to perfect the ceremony layout! Everything from where to seat your guests, and how to format the processional.

Big Takeaways
Usually around 6-8 people fit in a row on either side of an aisle.
Don’t stress about filling the front row. The photographer won’t capture an empty row, and they’ll be focusing on the couple and their parents.
There are lots of dynamics to consider when filing the assigned seats. The planner can be a great guide to making sure you don’t have to think about these things last minute.
Reserved seating does not need to be even on each side.
While there is no right or wrong way to do things, your planner will have lots of info on how to make sure things work smoothly. Ask questions! Let them know your plans.

Links we referenced
zola.com/bigwedding - for your free personalized paper sample, and use code: SAVE50 to get 50% off your Save The Dates!

“Somebody else, that has never seen anything about your wedding could run through the rehearsal with the ceremony layout in hand, that’s the goal. That’s how detailed and succinct it is.” - Christy

“Adults do tend to get their shit together for one day, when it involves a really big day in their children’s lives. But sometimes, they don’t and you (the person getting married, who this day is all about) might have to just make the decision to not give it any of your attention.” - Christy

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