#169 The advantages of a big DJ Company


November 13th, 2019

1 hr 5 mins 35 secs

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Glenn Roush is the founder of LeForce Entertainment - a DJ company he and his wife Jennifer started out of their garage in Dallas, Texas. Over the past 9 years, Glen has grown his company to over 30 DJs and nearly 75 employees. Glenn and Jennifer have two young boys, two french bulldogs, and a passion for traveling. Glenn joins us today to talk about wedding entertainment, tips for the big day, and more.

Big Takeaways

  • Something fun and new is having all of the toasts during cocktail reception, so everyone can eat and socialize and get straight to dancing afterward.
  • Don’t be afraid of the first look. Even if you are initially against it, it allows you to go to the reception must faster. It also gives you a moment to love on your significant other in a more intimate setting. That time to really love on your partner is so special, and we promise you’ll still be blown away during the ceremony.
  • The longer your pictures take, the more the guests have to wait. No one wants to push everything backward, people start getting antsy, and you may have to spend more money to keep vendors longer, and extend venue times.
  • Pick your entertainment, and focus on that first. You can always add lighting and photo booths later.
  • Make sure you like your DJ! If they understand you and what you like, it will be that much more special. Do a little research so you know you are picking the most suited performer.
  • Using a big company, like LeForce, gives you a few advantages like insurance, up-to-date equipment, peace of mind in case something goes wrong., and often, it is actually cheaper than using an independent person.

Links we referenced

“I’m trying to create a company where we are going to really pool that piece and those efforts, and focus on being busy, the right kind of busy. And working together as a team to find great parties and rock great parties. And really be a team together.” - Glenn

“Bringing down the lights make people feel more invisible and more comfortable. And so they stop worrying… and they just start dancing and having fun.” - Glenn

“Find somebody that you like. Find somebody that you’re going to be excited about, on the entertainment side. Because your excitement level, about your entertainment, is going to be infectious.” - Glenn

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