#172 Telling Love Stories With Men's Vows


December 4th, 2019

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We had a blast chatting it up with Eduardo and Jason of Men's Vows. An online magazine dedicated to sharing advice and inspiration for gay weddings AND the first wedding directory exclusively for grooms!

Eduardo Braniff is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Vows. Leveraging his expertise in editorial, branding and experiential design, and having attended over 175 weddings in his life, Men’s Vows is a natural intersection of his professional and personal experience. Men’s Vows is dedicated to supporting men who marry, helping create new wedding traditions and celebrating men who’ve found “their man.” Men’s Vows shares advice and inspiration from engagement to honeymoon, illustrating the process from “I will” to “I do” and beyond. Founded five years ago, Men’s Vows is proud of being one of the largest gay male wedding sites, with over 75K followers on Instagram, countless couples who have selected us as the platform for sharing their love story, and being part of changing how everyone understands and embraces what it is to get married today.

Jason Mitchell Kahn is the owner and creative director of his own namesake wedding planning company Jason Mitchell Kahn & Co., and the “In-House Expert” for Men’s Vows Magazine.

Jason began working full time as a wedding planner after the 2014 launch of his new book GETTING GROOMED: THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNER FOR GAY GROOMS

Jason’s work experience spans from serving as resident Wedding Planner for Shiraz Events to being the In-house wedding expert at Soho House New York. While at Soho House New York, Jason also designed, planned, and ran fashion shows, book launches, art festivals, movie premieres, opening nights, gala dinners, and awards shows post parties. The job took him around the world from Oscar parties in L.A. to events held in chateaus in Cannes and even an underground subway station in Toronto.

Jason brings to weddings his passion for drama honed from his career and education in theatre. Two of his plays had professional premieres in New York and have since had productions around the world. Jason approaches all weddings with his playwriting background: What is the couple’s version of their most beautiful story to be told?

*Big Takeaways *
For gay men, and lesbian women, it has only been about five years since the marriage equality law has been passed. It’s relatively new. Finding a wedding planner who understands your wants and desires is so important. Jason and Eduardo are fighting hard to make it accessible, and easy for every couple to have their dream wedding. Men's Vows allows for representation of all types of people, not just the picture perfect, model-esque couples.

Most men are not targeted in the wedding industry, and neither are lesbian women. For Jason, he sees the importance that marriage could have for the non-traditional scenarios. It’s important to find your flavor and taste and make the day for you. Just because the known thing is most common doesn’t mean you have to do it! There is no steadfast way to wed. It's important to take a look at every element of the wedding, and see if you are doing something because you feel like you have to, or because you want to. Aside from signing the paperwork, it's your day to play with and make your relationship shine.

Pinterest is a beautiful place to get inspiration, but it’s also important to acknowledge that it’s not always representing the typical budget or set-up for a wedding. You don’t have to have an insane budget to have a special and meaningful day.

When it comes to putting together who to invite, there are beautiful, kind ways of letting the people you love know you love them, but that they aren’t invited to the wedding. Jason talks about receiving a letter from a couple who are dear friends that explain how much they are excited to have him in their life, and can’t wait to share about the wedding. It is a nice way to make people not feel forgotten or unwanted, but makes it clear that there just isn’t room without having to be so blunt.

“The princess fantasy becomes the bride fantasy. But where is the prince fantasy that becomes the groom fantasy?” - Eduardo

“I love the idea of wedding as culmination, instead of wedding as beginning.” - Eduardo

“One of the things that I do want to underline, particularly in the gay space where it’s sort of like, ‘chart your own course, and everything’s independent, and reinvent the rules!” If you wanna walk down the aisle with your mother or your father and like hand over a bouquet, and raise a veil, and do in sickness and health vows, go and do that!” - Jason

“Every article, and every picture that has ‘performed better,’ in these days of digital metrics, are the ones where it’s an unexpected pair.” - Eduardo

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