#148 Small Details, Big Impact - Valley & Co.


June 19th, 2019

53 mins 44 secs

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Weddings are a special day, and though you want them to be beautiful and picturesque, it is also important to create a unique experience and long lasting memories. Aleah and Nick Valley of Valley and Co share about their favorite wedding experiences, their coffee table book "Storied Weddings," and give loads of great advice on how to make a great day no matter how big the wedding.

Big Takeaways

You are not planning just a photoshoot, you're planning a memory. Great pictures are the ones that are taken at a great event. You want to enjoy the memories for life. It's so helpful to make the event for everyone. Help your guests find the lay of the land right away. Where are they sitting? Where are the bathrooms? Where should they hang their coats, etc? Maybe have greeters who provide a beverage upon arrival and answer all these questions.

If you are planning on giving favors at your wedding, think about whether the guests can use it or eat it. If not, then think about using the money on something else to make the big day special. Small mementos are not make or break and should be an enjoyable possession after the wedding is over.

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“Every wedding of ours, we really strive for them to look and feel completely different than the last wedding. We want our weddings to reflect our couples.” - Aleah

“We really wanted to create something that anyone could pick up and they could read it now and look at the pictures now. And take our sage advice and advice from fellow pros that we included in the book.” - Aleah

“The more fun the guests have, the more fun you have, the more successful the event is.” - Nick

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