#127 Simply Eloped


February 13th, 2019

42 mins 12 secs

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Janessa White and her partner Matt witnessed so many close friends spend tons of money on large weddings that were stressful and difficult to plan. After noticing that many of these friends didn’t enjoy their weddings, the duo realized that there must be a better way. With that, Simply Eloped was born and the two set off on a mission to make getting married, fun, easy and affordable!

Big Takeaways
FAQ: “The first order of business is to decide your ceremony date, time, and location. We also like to know how many guests you’ll bring along. From there, we’ll help you choose from our various elopement packages. After that, we’ll get to personalizing! We personalize everything from the ceremony, to the photo styles, to the flowers. Our firm belief is that your ceremony should be a reflection of your relationship! Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy.”

Even a simple elopement needs some planning. Outside of going to the drive through marriage chapel in Vegas. Simply Eloped helps with the logistics, the care and the customization of the event. Personalizing your wedding comes from working with the vendor team that SE refers you to. And they help with the legality of the marriage license process, which is not sexy, but totally necessary.

There are 10 markets for the Simply Eloped packages now - everything is listed online. Hawaii, New Orleans, NYC, Colorado...all styles, various packages and then an ala carte menu to curate specifically to your needs.

Price counts. SE defines an elopement as 20 guests or less. A lot of their couples are choosing not to spend a ton of money on their wedding...either because they don’t have it, or they want to spend it on other things (student loans, a down payment on a house, traveling). Having a really meaningful, beautiful, personal and private ceremony might be exactly what you two need...don’t have a big wedding just because other people in your life want that! At the end of the day, a wedding is truly about the two people getting married.

Many clients are doing an elopement and then having a big reception later, maybe back home. Couples want the destination of the elopement...it’s not as easy to hike up to the top of a mountain with 100 guests. So they’ll do it together, alone.

Also - if you’re reading this and you’re already married...VOW RENEWAL! Simply Eloped is perfect to help you with this. And we LOVE vow renewals. If you do it, let us know!

Links we referenced
https://simplyeloped.com/blog/ - they have a great and informative blog, yall!

“We started nitch-y. We knew we didn’t want to be broad. Weddings can be really broad, we wanted to be nitchy. We knew we could help people with the officiant, the photographer, help them with their marriage license...we wanted to be the liaison.” - Janessa on the origin story

“It’s a crazy emerging industry. The term ‘elopement’ itself has transformed...it’s evolved to be more experiential, personalized and intimate. All sorts of demographics are eloping now.” - Janessa, on who is eloping these days. From elderly couples to millennials...they serve them all!

“We do coordinate flowers and hair and makeup. We answer a lot of questions along the way...even afterwards, we are still helping them out.” Janessa, on how SE helps

“I can see how this would be appealing to someone that is overwhelmed with the idea - just the idea - of a big wedding.” - Christy, she gets it

“It’s an elopement - you can do it anytime, anywhere. Part of the reason you are able to streamline this process and offer this pricing is probably because you are working with these wedding professionals on their off peak days.” - Michelle, always thinking

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