#193 She Proposed!


April 15th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 22 secs

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Mollie is a journalist and Greg is a web developer. Turning tradition on its head, Mollie proposed to Greg. They join us today to talk about their relationship, what made her decide to propose, and share their insights on the whole process.

Big Takeaways
Historically, men have proposed to women first because marriage used to be very transactional. The purpose was to say “I can provide for you.” Giving their word through a ring. Because men made more money than women, and there was the story about men being more afraid of commitment, this became the norm.

We emphasize over and over again about how your wedding is your day. Breaking traditions to make everything match who you are. If you want traditional, that’s also okay! There is more and more wiggle room and freedom available.

Benevolent sexism can take away a woman’s agency. In terms of marriage proposals, it comes from a place of love, which can make it hard to call out or differentiate. Awareness is important. It can be harmful and hurtful.

When it came to finding a planner, Mollie was sure to send the article about her proposal. It didn’t originally occur to her that a planner would have a lot of opinions about their choices. So it did add to their list of must-haves when searching. There are a lot of great planners that are excited to get to work with something fresh and unique.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake couples make when planning their wedding?
A: Christy: Not hiring a month-of/day-of planner.
Michelle: Not making a budget and not understanding it. And letting family members get to you.

Fun fact: Elizabeth Warren proposed to her now husband.

Links We Referenced
Photo courtesy of: http://www.steveboxall.com/zerog
https://thrivecausemetics.com/bigwedding (Use code: BIGWEDDING for 15% off)

“This is probably one of the worst times in our lives together, and this feels right somehow.” - Michelle

“If this doesn’t happen, I’m turning into him right here, in the aisle of the plane, and proposing that way. Because I can’t take the pressure anymore.” - Mollie

“There is no one right way to make things happen.” - Mollie

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