#84 Sexy Engagement Sessions with Ashley Paige


May 2nd, 2018

56 mins 34 secs

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You know those gorgeous, magazine-cover-worthy, sexy, cinematic engagement photos you see online - the ones with the beautiful couple frolicking in the ocean as the sun sets behind them casting a golden glow over their gorgeous, entangled bodies? Yeah....That's what we're talking about on this one. We’re talking to the California photographer that has mastered the art of the sexy, beach-y engagement photo. She has tons of advice about engagement sessions, hiring the right photographer, and dressing for success.

Big Takeaways
Christy reads the news every morning before she gets out of bed. Michelle doesn’t. She drinks water and meditates. Do you!

Big Photography Companies - Ashley got her start in George St Weddings, she was contract photographer for them back when she first started shooting weddings. Ashley got paid an hourly fee, and the clients met her on the wedding day, no consultation beforehand. We on TBWPP strongly advise our clients to meet with their photographers ahead of time. We encourage you to hire a professional that you really feel comfortable with, since the photographer-client relationship is very important. Especially on your wedding day!

Golden Hour - the last hour before the sun sets. It’s glow-y and warm and photographers LOVE it. In Orange County, on the beach, this is the perfect time to shoot an engagement session. Ashley’s instagram (link below) is full of these photos, they are sexy and soft and quintessentially California. Ashley says her main goal is to show the connection between two people and that it all starts with communication between everyone. When everyone is comfortable, Ashley can have some fun with them - and that’s when the sexiness shows up!

Photographers and planners work hand in hand. If you don’t hire a planner, your photographer ends up having to coordinate the flow day-of. And while she’s doing stuff to facilitate transitions, or position cake cutting, or wrangle family members for formal photos, she isn’t actually shooting! So, you, as the couple, might miss out on some great shots when you look at your album later...because your photographer didn’t capture everything she should have! A planner allows a photographer to do her job - well!

A photographer’s job is 10% shooting and 90% editing and running a business! Consider that when you are looking at pricing - finding one to hire. Ask them if they edit their own photos or outsource that job, if it matters to you.

Places Ashley’s brides shop: Lulus, Free People, Asos, and Flynn Skye. Links below!

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*Quotes *
“You’re drinking water and meditating, I’m chugging coffee and devouring news. All before 7:30 am. That’s why we’re so good together. Because we go the opposite way.” - Christy, on morning routines

“The most important thing on a wedding day is to trust your photographer. You need to trust her, and you need to vibe with her!” - Ashley

“My favorite part of the wedding day is getting time alone with the bride and the groom. Because those are the photos that are going to go on the wall. I maybe get 20-10 minutes of this on the wedding day, but for an engagement session, I get 1-2 hours.” - Ashley

“It’s really important to have some kind of planner or coordinator, especially if you have a larger wedding.” - Ashley, after telling us about the time she had to herd guests into the hall for dinner (missing out on shooting time)

“I’m looking at your instagram, these photos are very sexy. There’s a lot of body-talk going on!” - Michelle, on the sideboob we see on Ashley’s feed

“With your engagement session, it’s awesome if you incorporate things that you connect on, or do something that you do together already - it’s going to make for great photos, and it will feel less staged.” - Ashley

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