#137 Rethinking Videography with StopGoLove


April 10th, 2019

1 hr 6 mins 48 secs

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Meet the guests! The team behind StopGoLove:
Jared Haskell founded StopGoLove with Jason after moving back to New England from a production company in Texas. Both his curiosity and competitive nature drove him to tackle weddings after success in shooting music videos, live television, and documentary work in multiple countries around the world. Professional excellence and seeing couples thrilled with their StopGoLove experience is of the utmost importance to Jared.

Jason McCutchen believes that there’s no point in doing something if it can’t be the very best. That has been StopGoLove’s motto since our humble beginning in 2010. After hearing way too many wedding day horror stories, Jason and Jared teamed up to see if they couldn’t do any better. Jason is a natural student and educator; it’s one of the reasons StopGoLove is an industry leader when it comes to new technology and shooting techniques.

Every year around January we ask ourselves three big questions. What do people want? How can we do it better? How can we do it faster? This attention to detail extends throughout the entire StopGoLove process, but ultimately our success or failure comes down to the end product delivered to your doorstep. Is it forever-proof? Will it last the test of time? Will it be something that your kids will want to watch over and over? It’s what drives us, what keeps us sharp, and what makes our product a StopGoLove product.
We take each bride and groom’s wedding day extremely seriously. We see relationship playing a huge role when finding out what is important to a couple and in making unique and personalized imagery. We are fast and we respond in a way that is both timely and helpful. Have questions? Feel free to ask at any time; we’d love to help.

Big Takeaways
Videography is often an element of the wedding day that gets nixed, sometimes due to budget, and sometimes because people have an idea about videographers that isn’t positive. But videography and wedding cinematography has come a long way, baby! In this episode, we talk a lot about why we love videography, how the best videographers work with clients, and what to think about if you are going to hire a pro.
See up in the introduction - 4th paragraph - it mentions that StopGoLove is fast, responsive and helpful. This is HUGE! If you call 3 videographers and 2 get back to you within a couple days, and 1 takes two weeks...don’t even waste a second considering that third company. Wedding professionals need to run their businesses like BUSINESSES - even if they consider themselves artists. If they don’t respond to your initial inquiry quickly, then corresponding with them will be an arduous process the entire planning time. Trust us on this one.
And on the note of artistry...we talk to the guys about how everyone you hire to be on your vendor team for your wedding day is just that - hired help, on a team. We should all have the same goal - to make your wedding day run smoothly and to give you what you have asked us for. With videography - the style of the product matters, because that is what you will have left when the wedding day is over, the product. The video. Make sure you like the style of the products you are seeing with the videographer, before you hire them. This way, you won’t be trying to get them to tell your story in a way that is outside of what they typically do, or what they are good at. You have options - find a videographer that you have a good repor with, whose style and vision and production value you like, and who offers affordable packages...whatever any of these mean to you.

Questions: Ask a prospective hire how they operate on the day of. How do they work with photographers? Where are they physically during the ceremony? What kind of lights do they set up (ask to see a picture)? What do they wear on the wedding day? How do they back up and store the files after the wedding day AND day-of...are they constantly backing up and charging? These are important questions and every potential pro should have answers at the ready. Plus, you have to like the videos you’ve seen and know the plan when it comes to the timeline after the wedding...how long before you get the product? And how long does the company keep your files?
Songs! Licensed songs cost money. Sometimes a lot of money. So picking a couple artists that you love and asking the videographer (and then trusting them) to pick something in that style or genre is a best practice. (You aren’t going to have a Stevie Wonder song on your wedding video, sorry.)

Links we referenced
Sponsor alert! https://www.indochino.com

“I feel terrible physically. But I feel equally as bad for myself. Like, I’m the biggest baby when I’m sick. I just want someone to take care of me and no one ever takes care of me. I need my mom!” - Christy, residual self-sympathy

“There’s something that you get from videography that you don’t get from still photography...like your grandma, you get to hear her speak, you get to see and hear her and maybe you won’t get to for too long!” - Michelle, on her go-to reason for videography

“Music is probably the first thing about our product that I think sets us apart. It’s what we do a little differently - our editing style and the way we use music.” - Jason

“Adding products at a later date allows clients to spread out their payments a little more.” - Jared - something to think about if budget is a concern

“We’re not clinging to our ‘vision and our art.’ We have an approach and we have a look, our brand is in the look. There’s art in the systems. It’s creative problem solving.” - Jared and Jason on art vs business

“This is what I know. I can promise that in twenty years, I will not be watching your wedding film. But you will. You’re going to pass it down through generations. So I want you to have as much say upfront for what’s included...it’s not artist’s discretion. We want to make it right for you. So that the first time you see it, you love it.” - Jared

“Don’t just look at their website - cause that stuff is all their best stuff and it could be 10 years old. Look at their social media.” - Jason, good advice

“During a ceremony, we are as unobtrusive as possible. We defer to the photographer, we give the photographer the middle aisle. We stay off to the side. We’re shooting on long lenses, so we are working with a tight and compressed shot...we’re out of the way, backed off and zoomed in.” - Jared, you won’t even know he’s there

“Do a little research. It’s not always as cost-prohibitive as you think it is.” - Christy

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