#131 Rethinking Flowers with Amelia's Flower Truck


March 11th, 2019

48 mins 29 secs

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SURPRISE! BONUS EPISODE. Today’s guest is entrepreneur Mattie Bush - who started a flower truck in Nashville and is killing it! Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, but in this episode, we are digging in a little deeper and talking about unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding - in an action station way. Something for guests to do and create and leave with...and it’s beautiful and makes for a great photo op. Flower Trucks, flower bars, DIY bouquets....enjoy!

Mattie is a young entrepreneur that started Amelia’s Flower Truck in Nashville less than 3 years ago. What started as a modest idea to make flowers more accessible to Nashville, has now turned into a three truck operation and she has just recently opened up her first Brick & Mortar in Franklin, Tennessee.

Big Takeaways
Favorite flowers to work with garden roses - high petal count, gorgeous colors like violet and burnt orange. Perfect for a couple on a budget. They’re similar to peonies, but less expensive and sturdier.

MVP bloom? The most popular stems are limonium - a sea-lavender. Blue-lace limonium is Mattie’s favorite. It is full and sprays and looks gorgeous combined with other, more delicate blooms. Trust us, you’ve seen it in plenty of arrangements and bouquets, but you didn’t know what it was! Silver dollar eucalyptus sprays are very popular too, in garlands and arrangements. (If you’re DIY-ing flowers, make sure you see if they are not poisonous before you stick them in a cake…)

The Volkswagen truck appeals to young and old, men and women. Mattie knew she wanted something iconic and timeless. The trucks are fully operational and they have a canopy that comes out - perfect for the flower truck. She joined the floral community and the VW community!

Flower Bars at a wedding are SO fun! It makes for a great photo op, like we mentioned above, but a flower bar at a wedding kills several birds with one stone (pardon the analogy…). First, millennials love unique experiences at weddings - a flower bar is tactile and entertaining and inviting. Plus, it definitely adds to the decor of an event. And - the guests get to take their creations home, so you have the favor taken care of! What’s not to love?

You can book the full flower truck for a wedding and just use it as an awesome photo backdrop, OR you can book the truck for an event and guest’s can create their own flowers. Amelia’s will include vessels and vases if the client wants them, but most clients keep the truck as an action station for favors. (Rather than building centerpieces for the event itself.)

Flower Bars at other events related to the wedding - hello! Perfect for a girls weekend retreat activity or shower. Baby shower! They can do crowns and bouquets. (And not just for girls, of course.)

This business is perfect for elopements and pre-wedding photos. City Hall weddings, small intimate weddings...go to the truck first and create your own bouquet! There is something so appealing about those galvanized French buckets.

We think there is something romantic and personal about a hand-picked and put together bouquet. The flowers on Amelia's truck are all curated for the truck, but each person that comes up to it gets to pick their favorites and put it together themselves. This is why the customer service experience is more important to Mattie than the floral experience itself - people come to this truck, they seek it out, because of the experience.

At the end of this episode, Mattie goes into a little about the history and reputation of flowers - Queen Anne’s Lace, Mums, babies breath and King Protea...oh my!

Links we referenced

“I started managing a snow-cone truck and I was the operations manager. And that’s when I realized I could run my own business.” - Mattie Bush on the entrepreneurial bug

“I was not in the floral industry at all before I started with the truck. I’ve learned everything as I’ve gone along.” - Mattie

“I feel like people are dying for connection and to make things with their hands...it’s all about the experience.” - Mattie

“It’s also a good idea for the people who aren’t having dancing at their weddings. So they want something unique and different for guests to do...like at a brunch wedding. This would be perfect for a brunch wedding!” - Michelle

“More brides are asking for low-key and modest bouquets. They tell me they want it to look like they just picked fresh flowers themselves.” - Mattie, trend alert!

“King Protea are such a statement piece. Modern and cool and edgy. Really heavy. They’re kind of alien-like, I think.” - Christy, Mattie says they’re from Australia

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