#50 Rent My Wedding


September 6th, 2017

47 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Rentals are a huge part of the wedding industry. Most weddings need at least some rentals, and some weddings require a TON of rentals. Linens, tableware, furniture, lighting. You may have a wedding venue that provides the basics, or you may need to provide everything.

In this episode, we are talking to Marie Kubin, the founder and CEO of RentMyWedding.com - the largest national event rental company. RMW ships rentals anywhere. They specialize in lighting, pipe-and-drape, canopies, photo booths and chair covers. With rental items from RMW, you can transform a room - and you can do it by yourself, saving a lot of money in the process! We are so impressed with the RMW business model and product. Every question we had for Marie, she had a perfect answer - ‘Yes!’ Listen and find out how RMW can help you achieve the wedding vision you’ve been planning!

Big Takeaways
Choose certain places to dress up - like the cake table, the head table, and the altar. This is particularly fitting advice for couples with a tighter budget. These areas are the places that will be photographed the most, so your money goes farther if you spend it highlighting these areas. Think beyond the horizontal, the table tops. Marie shares pipe-and-drape background advice, and uplights on the ground can highlight the walls and ceiling around these areas.

Uplights - using them to draw attention to certain photo-heavy places is a great idea...but using them every 5-10’ along the walls of a ballroom or open space can really dress it up when the sun goes down. Use ‘amber’ if you want a warm glow (like a fireplace effect) and gels like ‘candlelight’ are slightly cooler. If you are incorporating a lot of color into your wedding, you can use the colored uplights to alternate colors projected up on the walls.

Pin-spots and washes - these lights are oft-neglected and they make such a huge difference! We suggest pin-spots on the centerpieces (especially the head table), and a wash on the cake. These supplemental lights help immensely with photographs.

RMW has idiot-proofed their process, so even the most tech-un-savvy person can order their lighting and photo booths and backdrops and set it up successfully themselves. You have a couple extra days ahead of time to practice if you want.

The logistics of RMW are based around the needs of the client. The shipping is always free, both ways. There is no minimum order. All items are designed for easy DIY set up, and there are video tutorials online as well. AND you can call for assistance, 24hrs, 7 days a week.

What about the customization? RMW will work with you to design a monogram or graphic to project on your wall or dance floor, and all customization – and changes – are free with the rental! So if you thought you couldn’t afford a giant ‘AF’ projected on to the outside of your venue, think again, Amy and Frank, because you probably can with RMW. And they’ll send you a proof way in advance to make sure you like it. Win win!

Links we referenced

“This idea...it’s very Amazon-esque. But wedding related.” - Michelle, offering RMW a new tagline

“You got 4 corners in a room? Get yourself 8 uplights.” - Christy, basic math!

“We pre-program everything so that it’s basically all set and you just have to plug it in.” - Marie, on how RMW has done the trouble-shooting for you

“Up-lighting is the biggest bang for your buck, y’all.” - Christy and Michelle agree! And sometimes speak in almost-unison!

“We are just so stoked that every question we are asking, your answer is YES.” – Christy to Marie, as a consumer

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One More Thing/Disclaimer: Please note that we are not being paid to advertise Rent My Wedding in any way. We simply love this concept and thought it would be a great subject to cover on the show. It should also be noted that neither Christy nor Michelle have worked with Rent My Wedding in the past for any events. We most likely will going forward. As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research in hiring any vendor for your wedding.