#123 Psychology of Wedding Planning With Angela Proffitt


January 16th, 2019

1 hr 13 mins 33 secs

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When we took the show on the road in 2018 (literally), we ended up at the desk of Angela Proffitt, celebrity wedding planner, connector, and small business guru. She is a treasure in Nashville. She has her own podcast and we were guests on it as well - Weddings Unveiled. She has an adorable accent. But the adorable stops there (well, it stops with her adorable Southern smile, I guess) and the badass begins as soon as you hear her talk about her business, her priorities, and her journey. Buckle up, Y'all!

Big Takeaways
Angela Proffitt is a Celebrity Wedding & Event Planner, Entrepreneur and Productivity Consultant with over 16 years of experience within the Events Industry. As the industry's leading creative disruptor, she has become a trusted resource and ally because of her commitment to exceeding the expectations of her clients and her passion for educating her audience. Her mantra "you don't know, what you don't know," fuels her books, online classes, live events, and consulting. Angela mixes her background in psychology and technology to plan and design for clients and businesses. It’s a unique twist on your average wedding planning experience. She has been voted "Best Event Planner," by Nashville Scene, highlighted as having the "Best Business Practices" by Success Magazine, appeared on ABC Family in the “Job or No Job” series and TLC’s “Extreme I Do’s. Her extensive list of clientele have included: Kellie Pickler, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, Jason Aldean, Eddie George (former TN Titans player) to name a few. She currently serves as a consultant to growing businesses in the wedding industry. Angela delivers tools that enable industry professionals to best serve their clients and believes that everyone has the ability to change a couples overall experience; all they have to do is plan for it!

Colors. There was a lot of eye opening stuff in this interview for us. The personality system ‘True Colors’ is what Angela uses to staff, and to decide HOW to work with clients. (Link below)

Sometimes, you just have to follow your heart. Even if that means canceling a lucrative reality show contract, knowing you are going to get sued, calling off an elaborate wedding very close to the wedding date and getting married alone on a beach. Sometimes you are Kellie Pickler and this happens to you.

Hey! Be a crazy person that backs everything up on your computer! Learn from Angela! Be efficient. Utilize the cloud! Streamline! Adopt a system! Angela is a big fan of ‘time blocking’. It seems pretty awesome. It also seems like quite a project to get a handle on it...but once you do...BALANCE!

Angela vets her clients before they even walk in (or call) for the initial consultation or intake. When a person inquires with her, they answer questions and share their Pinterest board, which pretty much tells Angela everything she needs to know. Because she is looking for specific things. (Based on the True Colors identifiers.) Apparently, it’s pretty similar to Tony Robbins stuff.

Opposites attract? Hmmm….Angela has a different take.

Angela walks us through what the typical process is for her team when they plan a wedding with clients. The timeline is a well-oiled-machine and Angela has her team, including herself, utilized in a very specific capacity for every job. Systems in place. It’s fascinating!

Links we referenced
Angela’s site: https://angelaproffitt.com
Angela’s podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/weddings-unveiled-professional/id1178517505?mt=2&inf_contact_key=56a5c0dca560d33589bff2f5519402c67e3b664a599165a0ed12253318ad74c2
True Colors Test: https://truecolorsintl.com

“How did I get here? The short answer is: I stopped trying to plan my life around what I was ‘supposed’ to do.” - Angela, on her origin story, in a nutshell (but there’s way more to it, of course)

“I said, you know what? I’m really proud of you. I don’t give a shit about being on tv. This is about your love and about you starting a life. Marrying your best friend.” - Angela, to Kellie Pickler

“Because I have worked my butt off to educate our market on the type of people that we serve...we really don’t have to go through the qualifications too much because everyone that comes here knows the expectation. They know that we create an experience all around psychology and that we use technology.” - Angela, on how she stands out in the wedding industry

“This was a strategy. This was intentional. And I am exactly where I am because I made it happen.” - Angela

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