#101 Proposal Sensation! DeAndre & Stu


August 22nd, 2018

1 hr 3 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

DeAndre planned, choreographed and executed an amazing LipDub surprise proposal for his boyfriend Stuart and we are HERE for it! (A little late, admittedly, but here nonetheless.) Before you read these notes - make sure you watch the proposal video online. Google " DeAndre Stu Proposal"

Big Takeaways
This video has everything we love in life - it’s a surprise, there are a ton of happy, joyful people involved, the music is great, the smiles are big, there’s a gospel choir nod and DeAndre’s mom makes an appearance in one of her fancy church hats. It’s truly a love-filled spectacle. But talking to the two grooms now (only months away from their wedding at the point we recorded!) is even better than the video that made us fall in love with them. DeAndre and Stu are excited about their upcoming wedding and their planning process has been a great learning curve. They want their wedding to be as joyful as their proposal...and we are 100% sure it will be.

Opposites attract with these two and their wedding is going to reflect their relationship, and they had to divide and conquer for the wedding planning. It was an equal endeavor and it was pretty easy to decide who would be good at what. Hearing them talk, you can tell that they love bragging about each other - that they’re in awe of each other’s talents and qualities. We love that!

Here’s something to note if you’re planning a ‘surprise’ proposal: The actual proposal was certainly a surprise...but DeAndre and Stu had talked about getting married and even planned it a little. Stu was totally delighted by DeAndre’s surprise proposal...it was clear he had put so many plans in motion to pull if off. But Stu wasn’t shocked or left speechless, or undecided...if you’re going to do some big grand gesture like this...you better know that your partner is on board with saying YES!

We love DeAndre and Stuart’s love story, their amazing proposal and we’re happy they were on the podcast to share everything!

On engagement photos: Style, baby! DeAndre and Stu picked the Color Factory in SF for their engagement photos. They had to pull some strings, there was a price, and there was lots of arranging...but it was all worth it! They wanted their engagement photos to be as colorful and fun as their proposal, and to set the scene for their upcoming wedding.

Putting together a simple priority list was the best way for Deandre and Stu to decide on their budget. They were paying for the wedding themselves and they planned for a long engagement.

Links we referenced
The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2AB_1FLN_4
DeAndre’s instagram page (great weight motivation!) https://www.instagram.com/heyitsdeandre/
Their engagement photos at The Color Factory http://robaugust.com/color-factory-engagement-session-in-san-francisco-ca-deandre-stuart/

*Quotes *
“No joke, your video is on a loop of Ellen videos and a puppy video for me. And I’ll watch it in the morning to remind myself that are good people in the world!” - Christy

“Our first date was at the Olive Garden.” - DeAndre “Can’t beat those breadsticks.” - Stu

“If you’re going to do something big, then you have to do it RIGHT.” - DeAndre

“It shouldn’t be a surprise - I mean, the circumstances should be a surprise, but the fact that it is going to happen shouldn’t be a surprise. We are very open with each other and we have open lanes of communication.” - DeAndre on planning a surprise, while talking honestly about the idea of getting married

“It’s important to have a team that you can trust and that will follow through.” - DeAndre - about the proposal, but also about life in general!

“We’re big on vibes...one way or another if it didn’t click, we’d move on.” - Stu, on hiring vendors and finding the perfect venue

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