#156 Post-Wedding Planning


August 14th, 2019

1 hr 14 mins 34 secs

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Andrew and Rodger Jones were clients of Christy’s earlier this year. We met them in Boston at the TBWPP meet-up (episode #147) and have stayed great friends. They join us to talk about what happens after the wedding, once the ceremony is over, and the planner is gone.

Big Takeaways
If you have a lot of individually wrapped items, be aware of the waste. Often the caterer is responsible for taking trash off site, and does not want to deal with the excessive waste at the end of the night. Unwrap things before you get to the venue!

Bringing items to a destination wedding can be a complicated process, allow yourself plenty of time to figure out the logistics, including how you will get the items home afterwards. Think about getting a crew together to help unload and reload everything to help with possible time restraints. Delegate specific people to hold specific things.

It’s a great idea, if you can, to have a few days after the wedding with a to-do list to finish what needs to be done.

With BYOB weddings, often you can return the unused, unopened, shelf stable liquor to the store. Better to have too much than not enough.

Catered BBQs make great leftovers. You can bring the leftover cake, food, booze to the brunch in the morning or any unofficial after party! Order to-go containers on amazon.

Some more post-wedding items to think about include the marriage license, name changes, important paperwork, thank you notes, tips or final payments, gift exchanges, registry follow-up, minding debt, sharing photos, honeymooning, etc.

Andrew and Rodger suggest trying to be present, allow time to slow down a bit if you can, and really savor it. The wedding day goes by quickly after months or more of planning.

Links We Referenced

“The question of where was answered easily. It was the how and how are we going to pay for it that was the really trick stuff.” - Christy

“Having Christy there was essential.” - Andrew

“Knowing how to manage communication and not get sidetracked was a huge focal point for me on the day of.” - Rodger

“A wedding is the one time in your life that the whole room full of people is there to celebrate you.” - Christy

“All you are thinking of is the day of, because that is vital. But everything that comes after … if you don’t plan it, it freaking sucks.” - Rodger

“Making sure that you are detailed in that post-wedding bliss is so tremendous.” - Rodger

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