#124 Planning Education with Whim Events


January 23rd, 2019

1 hr 2 mins 25 secs

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“Natalie Pinney and Moira Thompson are the co-founders of Whim Events, a full-service wedding planning, design and floral studio in Boston, MA. (We LOVE Boston!)
Together over a lot of coffee, crazy ideas and a mutual love for making people’s dreams come true, Moira & Natalie founded Whim Events in 2011. They have designed and planned hundreds of weddings throughout New England, and were named Best Wedding Planner in Boston by Boston Magazine.
With over ten years of experience, the two specialize in joyfully and thoughtfully guiding couples through every stage of the engagement, and believe planning should be as joyful and fun as the day itself.
In addition to planning and producing weddings all over New England, Moira and Natalie are also active in the Boston small business industry and are passionate about uniting other local creatives in the community to engage in collaboration over competition.”

These ladies share their take on wedding planning and wedding flowers, East Coast style, and the retrospective wisdom of hundreds of couples they surveyed after the wedding day.

Big Takeaways
Whim is a planning company that only does Full Wedding Planning with floral and design. They also offer floral design separately. But if they’re the planner, then they’re doing the flowers. This set-up ensures that the Whim team takes the clients from start to finish and the design is completely cohesive in the actual logistical planning of the event.

Moira does utilize pinterest to help create her client’s vision. She still has to sift through things to make sure budget is considered with each and every pin. It’s helpful to see what elements many of the photos have in common, and it’s also helpful for Moira to see pin boards that aren’t necessarily wedding related. Like seeing a client’s home can really inform a designer of their style, and priorities.

The biggest thing that came back from the survey Whim did was that people did not know how to budget for the wedding. It’s difficult! It’s overwhelming. Also, it’s expensive. The best thing you can do is to learn as much as possible about the actual costs of wedding vendors and services in your area, educate yourself before you sign contracts and pay deposits. Research ways that you can save money (Friday wedding? Small desserts instead of a huge cake? DIY flowers? Maybe!) and decide what your wedding priorities are.

How much time does it take to plan a wedding? For Natalie and Moira - they’ve tracked it and for full planning by professionals, it’s 265 hours in a year. We think you can easily add 100 hours of browsing Pinterest alone.

WED. This is an education and inspiration event for wedding planning. There are going to be speakers and panelists from all over the country that are going to have honest conversations about costs, services and processes. Boston, March 31. Not a wedding expo. We’re going to be there and we would love to see you!!

Links we referenced
https://www.experiencewed.com - remember you get a big discount when you buy a ticket for WED, promo code BIGWEDDING

“For us, the entire goal is to tell our clients’ stories.” - Natalie

“If you see something on Pinterest and it doesn’t say ‘This costs ten thousand dollars’, you might think it costs one thousand dollars.” - Christy

“Most of the pins all have a common thread...we’ve been doing this for so long and we can see it.” - Moira

“You should always be transparent about your budget. Then your vendor will tell you, here’s what I can do with that. Negotiation is not just asking for money off the total. That’s a big misconception out there.” - Natalie

“Be upfront about your budget and don’t nickel and dime people...I don’t think that’s the right approach.” - Michelle, on negotiating...you don’t have to be a hard ass

“We want people to leave feeling empowered and inspired to go out there and create a celebration that is all their own.” - Natalie, on WED’s mission

“We hear a lot about an uneven division of labor when it comes to wedding planning...this is a great way for both people to hear the same information and they can both go away with a joint understanding of what is to come.” - Christy, on WED’s target audience of attendees

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