#140 Plan Your Wedding In 90 Days


May 1st, 2019

57 mins 9 secs

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It’s possible! Some people prefer to plan their wedding in a short amount of time rather than musing over all of the details for a year or more. Who are these people? How do they do it? What makes them successful? Our guest today is David DiVincenzo - event director at Planterra Events in Detroit, and he is very experienced working with couples that opt for a short timeline - for various reasons. He’s breaking down all of the tips, tricks and best practices for us.

Here’s the bio:
David has been directing events for Planterra clients since 2010. He designs every aspect of a Planterra event – from its menu to décor, floral needs and every detail in between - to make his clients’ visions come to life. David brings with him 15 years of professional experience in arts fundraising, programming and event planning. He has worked at such prestigious places as Pace MacGill Gallery, the Noguchi Museum and one of Estee Lauder’s family foundations in New York. David is a graduate of both Albion College and Brooklyn College. He also attended the Atelier Léo Marchutz in Aix-en-Provence, France. In his free time, David has developed a deep understanding of wine and art. He’s also Planterra Conservatory resident pop culture expert.

Big Takeaways
TIPS and TRICKS for short term wedding planning:
· Choose a full-service venue (like Planterra!) If not...definitely hire a planner! And then trust the planner.
· Be ready to make decisions quickly
· Consider a Friday or Sunday date
· Have your guest list in order
· Consider invitation needs immediately
· Have or be prepared to choose your wedding attire
· Be open to exploring multiple options in terms of photographers, DJ’s etc. Your first- choice vendor may be booked. Also trust your venue for additional vendor recommendations. Ask them to make introductions for you by email or telephone
· Make sure that the funds for the wedding are in place and accessible. You may have significantly larger retainers when booking with 90 days of a wedding date and your payment schedule is accelerated.
· Embrace that you are planning a wedding in a shorter period of time. Be open to some of the wonderful, more spontaneous aspects of planning this way and NEVER dwell on something you “might have had” – be it a Saturday, a certain vendor, or anything else, had you planned 2 years out!

If you are considering planning a wedding in a short amount of time - ask yourself (honestly) - are you, as a couple, decisive? On the same page about your wedding day vision? Ready to jump in and get shit done? Do you think you have a pretty good gut instinct and feel confident leaning on that? These are the qualities you need to have!

More to keep in mind: It helps a lot when you trust the vendors. Be flexible and ready to compromise when necessary. Trusting and choosing the right wedding planner. Choosing a venue that offers a full range of services.

Time Saving Guidelines:
Create digital Save the Dates to send immediately
Offer a digital RSVP to save time for attendees
Depending on the services offered by a venue, hiring a wedding planner can be key in making wonderful things happen in shorter timeframe.
Instead of menu options, duets entrees can save time and streamline the RSVP process
Be prepared for multi-tasking meetings with the venue and vendors
Have your questions set in advance and be ready to move forward with decision-making and planning efficiently. You can consolidate meetings and work with vendors to move quickly.
No hemming and hawing about options and choices. You know what you want! Go for it!

Links we referenced

“Here’s how I think we can make this work: and we went through some of the big picture ideas. Are they ready for it? Are they ready to make real decisions? Can they really pull their guestlist together? How OPEN are they to this experience? They were the perfect couple for this. And they were like - yes, whatever we need to make this wedding happen on this date...we’ll do it. We made it happen.” - David, on the couple that can pull a 90 day planning period off

“To do this, you need that rare combination of knowing what you want, but also being flexible.” Christy, in a nutshell

“I think the hemming and hawing can take up so much time and space with wedding planning and it’s really not necessary.” - Michelle

“If you want to plan your wedding on the quick - for whatever reason - ask yourself...do you have a full time job? Do you have the TIME to plan a wedding in three months? Remember, you still have a real life.” - Christy

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