#44 On Being Considerate


July 26th, 2017

28 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Here at The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, we want to take a little step back. A deep breath. And talk about perspective. We know wedding planning is fun and all encompassing and, at times, very stressful. We talk about weddings on the podcast and we hope we make your planning experience easier and more interesting. We hope we give you permission to DO YOU, and to truly take in the whole experience. But we want to also acknowledge that life doesn’t stop just because your wedding is coming up. We realize that you may be going through other BIG life events at the same time you plan your big day. So in today’s episode, we just want to take the time to consider the big picture.

Big Takeaways
You may be dealing with something really hard, or complicated, or super celebratory while you plan your wedding...and to that end, we suggest taking care of yourself and your needs. This is easier said than done. We get it. So if you need a reminder to take the time and love yourself, and work it out, just listen to this episode again! And maybe consider a therapist and meditation. Self care is of the utmost importance!

Reversely, while you are blissfully planning your wedding and living in perfect wedding planning land, someone you love may be going through something not as awesome. So try to be sensitive to that. Ask questions! Don’t forget to diversify your conversation points. No one wants to hear about your wedding allllllll the time, trust us.

Big News
Michelle’s sister just got engaged! In Paris! Congratulations! We can’t wait to dish about it...when your sister is a wedding planner...a blessing or a curse? A blessing, we say!

More big news! We are teasing you in this episode because we’re going to have an amazing guest on the podcast soon. Stay tuned!

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“It’s hard for someone to listen to someone else talk about their wedding all day long when you are going through a divorce.” “It’s also boring.” - Christy and Michelle

“It’s worth noting that wedding planning is not the end all be all...it’s a party.” - Christy, not to minimize it!

“Life doesn’t stop just because you are planning your wedding.” - Christy, and maybe the succinct summary of this episode

“There’s this date coming that you’re so looking forward to... but it’s still so important that you don’t let it be all consuming and you’re taking the time to appreciate the world around you. Appreciate the people around you...talk about something other than weddings.” - Michelle, encouraging you to practice mindfulness

“We don’t want to be insensitive to those of you who are also dealing with other things. So we want you to hear us when we say, people care.” - Christy, noted

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