#98 Official Officiant Tells All - Honeybreak


August 1st, 2018

43 mins 40 secs

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Our guest today is Mirelle Eid of Honeybreak Officiants. We’re so stoked to have a pro in the house for this! We’ve talked a lot about writing your own ceremony script, and having friends as officiants...this is a trend, for sure. But if you want to hire an officiant - you need to find the right one! For this vendor, it’s personal.
Mirelle shares advice for hiring and working with an officiant, creating a unique ceremony and some of her very favorite stories about her couples.

Big Takeaways
Mirelle’s first wedding to officiate was her gay uncles. She is passionate about marriage equality and equality in general and we LOVE this, of course.

How to find the best officiant for you? Most of Mirelle’s couples find her online - instagram and her website. She is responsive and easy to get a hold of for the first consultation, which is a huge plus. Research and find some options that LOOK like they would get along with you. Then reach out! Mirelle always says, you should find an officiant that you want to be best friends with. Trust is key. Energy is important!

Know the legal stuff! Every state (and in some cases, counties) has their own laws and if you’re having a wedding, you want to make sure that you legally get married while you’re at it! Mirelle helps to walk her couples through this...main advice: go early to the marriage clerk’s office! Research and be prepared.

*Unique ways to make the ceremony YOURS: *
Pick awesome unique readings for the ceremony script and have VIP loved ones do the reading.
Get creative with the unity ceremony - it’s not all candles and sand-in-vases anymore. The wine-box ceremony is a fun one!
Get in touch with the cultural traditions that might be way down the line in your family’s history - and put your own twist on it! You don’t have to do everything, but incorporating details in some way will make the ceremony special.
A ‘ring warming’ blessing that your guests participate in. (We love involving your guests in different ways during the ceremony.)

Links we referenced

“I love meeting people and learning about their love story. I love love!” - Mirelle

“I was looking for an outlet for joy. I was stressed...it was a little bit sad...I was looking for something that was going to be pure joy and this sort of fell into my lap.” - Mirelle

“When I talk to couples, I tune in to their relationship. What’s their vibe? I ask questions and I do a lot of listening and from there, I get a sense of what type of ceremony is going to represent their relationship and their love.” - Mirelle

“We called it our ‘honey break’... I equate that now with finding the moment of stillness and unity in the ceremony that you want to be fully present for. You want it to be this really special moment for you and your guests and really symbolic of your relationship. It’s kind of your ‘honey break’ - finding the peace in this special moment.” - Mirelle, on her business name

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