#28 Matt & Amanda - Part 2 - A Real Engaged Couple


April 12th, 2017

1 hr 5 mins 46 secs

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Amanda Lund and Matt Gourley are getting married! They’ve been planning their wedding and they have a lot of awesome advice! They are getting married in a few short weeks and they’re checking in with us at this point in the process...Amanda just had her bridal shower, Matt is busy with woodworking for the wedding reception signage, and we pick their brains about planning, vendors, social media, and what kind of stuff pisses them off...when it comes to the wedding industry. (It may all be a racket, people.)

Big Takeaways
Matt and Amanda take wedding planning breaks! What? Brilliant. Michelle and Christy think this is very smart. It’s good for mental health.

When you have big families, having a shower is a wonderful way for everyone to meet each other before the wedding. Silly games break the ice and can be really fun for multigenerational groups - young and old, everyone loves the toilet paper wedding dress game! (Or they hate it. But they have something in common!) Amanda was surprised by how much she enjoyed the shower...and by how tired she was afterwards. You have to preserve your energy for these events!

It’s ok to change your mind. Your initial budget will likely be left behind when you make new decisions and spend a little more money here and there. It’s ok. Roll with it. You can still have your priorities, but you also want to enjoy your day, so if you have decided, after much back and forth, that you actually DO need a DJ...just hire one. You’ll enjoy the day more if you aren’t stressed about a lack of professionals, just to save a little cash. Matt and Amanda didn’t initially think they were going to hire a florist or DJ. They hired both, ultimately.

We’ve mentioned this before - but it bears repeating. Your wedding is YOURS. Make up your own rules. Keep the traditions you like, toss out the ones that don’t work for you. Matt and Amanda talk to us about their non-traditional wedding party and why it is just perfect for them.

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“Turns out, people love wedding stuff! And everyone wanted to come, if they were able to.” - Amanda, surprised at the turn out at her bridal shower

“It’s not too rustic, we just wanted people to dress up a little bit, and not wear, like, hoodies.” - Amanda, on the theme of the wedding...it’s outdoors, it’s vintage-y, but it’s still a little fancy, y’all!

“What’s wrong with moss?? It’s alive…” - Michelle, digging deep with Christy and her hatred of moss in wedding decor

“We have done a tremendous amount ourselves and it’s probably as much, if not more, if you include parts and labor.” - Matt, on the virtues of DIY in your wedding

“We decided to hell with it, let’s just do what we want to do.” - Matt, on how they decided to embrace their ‘uneven’ wedding party

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