#6 Matt and Amanda - Part 1 - A Real Engaged Couple


November 6th, 2016

51 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

This is Part 1 of our multi-episode series with engaged couple Matt Gourley and Amanda Lund. We play the Newlywed Game and get to know our bride and groom – super fun! Matt and Amanda share their insight about wedding planning and podcasts and Disneyland. We will check in with them later in the planning process (wedding is in May 2017), and again after the wedding.

Big Take Aways

  • Our couple talks about the DIY aspects of the wedding and how they had to reconcile their expensive taste with their real wedding budget. This is a common hurdle. Stay tuned to see how Matt and Amanda handle it. Deal-breakers and compromises make the wedding planning world go round!

  • Guestlist: Matt and Amanda have big families and lots of mutual friends, but the guestlist has definitely been the biggest challenge so far in wedding planning process. They have an A and B list for the invitees – do you?? Let us know how you decided who to invite to the wedding. Did you have a B-list?

Links we referenced
Matt’s podcasts: I was there too, Pistol Shrimps Radio, James Bonding, SuperEgo http://www.earwolf.com/person/matt-gourley/

Amanda is on the Pistol Shrimps! http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/aubrey-plaza-pistol-shrimps-meet-basketball-team-made/story?id=40258722

The Newlywed Game – best answer ever. (Please see quotes below.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XM5hbS7GlU

Episode Quotes
“What’s the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee?” “That’d be the butt, Bob!”
–we collectively remember and quote The Newlywed Game’s best Q&A ever. It may be the very inspiration for this episode.

“I’ve always wanted to walk with a cane. Not like a pimp, but like a gentleman with an old war wound. …I feel like a distinguished English detective.”
–Matt, on his secret desires.

“I’m really good at Search-a-Word. I love it.” “I think it’s so funny that you don’t think that’s funny!”

-Michelle and Christy about Michelle’s favorite past time. Who knew?!

“I’m most worried we’ll be in a Donald Trump presidency.”
–Matt, on what worries he has for his wedding day. Fingers crossed! #werewithher

“I mean, wedding planning. It’s a real doozy.”
–Amanda, pretty much summarizing this entire podcast theme!

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