#78 Marijuana is Making It's Way Into Weddings


March 21st, 2018

44 mins 5 secs

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As legal use & consumption of marijuana becomes a reality for some of the United States, the business of pot intersects with the business of weddings and we’re here to find out how and why! We’re talking to an expert on cannabis weddings, and how couples (in California and Colorado) are incorporating a little green into their weddings. The topic has more to it than meets the eye!

Big Takeaways
Our guest is Ivy Gaitatzis - she is a cannabis events coordinator, and certified wedding planner. Her business, Token Events, curates cannabis and brand experiences for tourists and locals in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is leading the charge in California for normalization of legal cannabis use, and to define and enforce industry standards. Basically, she is a pioneer in the world of legal marijuana and when she saw a demand for event planning in this realm, she jumped in and began connecting the opportunities with the vendors and laws. Now she’s an authority on all three!

How are people incorporating weed into their weddings? It’s not all about consumption!
Bud Bars in lieu of standard bars
Passed edibles in addition to passed apps
Favors - instead of a tiny potted succulent, a guest can go home with a tiny potted pot plant!
Decor - marijuana leaves incorporated into the boutonnieres, bouquets or centerpieces
Joint rolling station instead of a cigar rolling station
Vintage vases as bongs and pretty glass pipes mixed in with other decor
Hemp or hemp silk as table runners or veils

Who knew weed was so complicated?? We sure didn’t. CBD vs THC. In a nutshell: CBD doesn’t get you high, it affects physical pain like an aspirin. The THC does get you high. CBD can actually counter the effects of THC.

The laws are changing often in California and other states where cannabis is legal (it’s still ILLEGAL federally, btw), so events need to comply with current laws. For example, right now, Ivy is planning her events in private homes, and there are rules about where people can smoke, or vape.

Links We Referenced
Cannabis concierge events and services: http://tokenevents.ca
Some background on current California cannabis laws: http://www.thecannifornian.com/cannabis-culture/everything-know-california-marijuana-laws-kicking-jan-1-2018/
Cannabis Wedding Expo: https://www.cannabisweddingexpo.com/all-regions

*Quotes *
“I’m passionate about connecting people... And of being a part of shaping the direction in which this industry is going. And the cannabis industry is going to impact the wedding and events industry, the food and beverage industry, the health and wellness industry, the beauty industry...I have an opportunity to make a remarkable contribution.” - Ivy, on her calling

“My clients are from all walks of life...Cannabis enhances parts of their lives. Whether they are daily users or if they use it for ritualistic purposes. It could be recreational use, like you might have a glass of wine after work.” - Ivy, explaining to us who her clients are in California

“There are so many creative ways to incorporate cannabis into a wedding, so it doesn’t just end with edibles.” - Ivy

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