#122 Live At The Modern Love Event


January 9th, 2019

1 hr 16 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

MIchelle and Christy took the show on the road and headed to Nashville Tennessee to sponsor and record live at The Modern Love Event. We met brides, grooms, friends, parents and lots of amazing top wedding vendors in the Southern City that never sleeps. This episode is the ‘show’ we did in the loft of The Cordelle, the host venue of the Modern Love Event. We chatted with attendees, answered questions, addressed concerns and dished out a lot of free advice. It’s free, so don’t blame us! It’s like a live YAWA. We had so much fun. And we touched on SO MANY TOPICS.

“Fun fact: Nashville is actually now the #1 US destination for weddings, and it’s a really exciting time for this lively city.” - from the 100 Layer Cake Feature (link below)

Big Takeaways
We talk budget and (once again) encourage a nice, organized wedding budget. If your partner is co-planning the wedding, then you can both draft out a list of priorities. Then you share and mesh that list into one and start to estimate dollar amounts for each element/vendor.

Remember - you don’t have to decide everything at once. The venue decision will dictate the date, and potentially, the biggest bulk of your budget. And also the style, decor, rentals etc. So decide on that and then send out Save The Dates, and then CHILL for a while. It’s ok if you don’t know anything else for a while. Even if people are asking you lots of questions about your wedding...you don’t have to know the answers.

Generally, you do save a little money with a BYO situation for the bar. You definitely need to look into this before you book a venue. And we highly suggest you get professional event bartenders with insurance and licenses. This can come from the caterer, in most cases. It’s a little more work to do a BYO bar, but if you’re ok with that, it’s worth it.

It’s great to hear how you are all feeling as you #planthatwedding. Getting to ask more questions and give more specific advice catered to the specific couple in front of us was a real kick. We heard about the expenses, the pros and cons you are weighing, the decisions you are struggling with…

Guest lists! We believe in the A list, B list equation if you are going to have to whittle things down. Even add a C if your budget is very up in the air. Michelle breaks it down in this episode and Christy repeats herself with the tried and true opinion: sending out a few more invitations is the best reason to go over budget.

Heard of a butt artist? They exist. And they’re super fun to have at a wedding, btw.

Favors. We reiterate that we aren’t huge fans of the throw-away favors. But food favors? Great!

A mother-of-the-bride asks how she is supposed to get hair and makeup and we have never addressed this on the podcast before! Our advice is generally to be in touch with the chosen stylists and to communicate ahead of time. Send pics. Plan your own trial run if you’re local. And if you have the means...find your own stylist and arrange something for earlier in the day.

We have two brides on to interview - one is doing a glamping wedding and one is getting married at Reba McEntire’s former estate. What fun!

Links we referenced
The Modern Love Event: http://modernloveevent.com
Modern Love Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modernloveevent/
Modern Love Feature: http://www.100layercake.com/events/the-modern-love-event-takes-on-nashville/
Butt Artist: https://www.buttsketch.com/contact

WED - event we are EMCEEing! https://www.experiencewed.com

“Our style is very bohemian meets modern with a splash of elegance.” - Groom we interviewed. “This is very specific and impressive! I love it. You’ve got a good one, girl.” - Michelle

“Don’t let yourself get all spun out with wedding planning. Because wedding planning is NOTHING compared to life planning. With a partner...Marriage is harder.” - Christy, if she had a nickel for everytime she said this...

“So what was the thing so far that surprised you...like you found out how much it was going to cost and you were like, holy shit?!” - Michelle “I think it’s the venue.” - The groom, on what’s included, how it all looks, which vendors you have to use, etc

“A destination wedding may end up being more expensive, but the money is distributed differently.” - Christy

“You’re not going to cook! Don’t let him do that! It’s your wedding day, you can’t cook.” - Michelle to chef groom. Boom.

“My priority is good logistics. Having everyone know what to do and when things are going to happen. ...Cause we’ve been to weddings before where we get there and we’re just standing around and next thing we know we hear people shouting in the back and then we find out that we missed the send off, or the cake cutting.” - Groom “It’s a very good thing that you have a planner.” - Christy, preach

“In my family, if we get a save-the-date, we just assume that cousin is pregnant. We’re short term planners!” - Christy

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