#173 Let's talk about rentals


December 11th, 2019

1 hr 12 mins 9 secs

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Today, Christy is joined by Heather Rouffe, Director of Sales and Partner of Atlas Event Rental, a full-service event rental company serving the Southern Florida market for over 30 years. Atlas has locations in Miami, Palm Beach, and Martin County. It was also recently named one of the top 30 rental companies in the United States by Special Events Magazine. Heather is a big believer that rentals can be for everyone, and can make your wedding look like how you imagine it, without having to break the bank or do all the research and treasure hunting all on your own.

*Big Takeaways *
Heather works with the couple themselves, their parents, and whoever is planning/paying for the wedding. A lot of companies have gotten away from that formula, but holding on to it has created continual customer satisfaction and steady business for many years.

A huge part of the equation in the rental business is matching the client with the right sales person so that they really have a great experience. The magic is in the connection, and understanding what and how the couple wants things.

Heather’s rental company and similar ones want you to enjoy every element of the wedding day. They can help you pick the right pieces down to the napkins, the placeholders, etc. The showroom helps you see things in real life so you don’t have to try to imagine from your computer.

With showrooms experiences, bring what you can that will help you design. Going to use white flowers at your wedding? Bring some from the grocery store. Pretty sure you’re using your mom’s candle holders? Bring them along to make sure it all matches!

Ask as many questions as you can up front! It’s helpful to know what you need to budget for as early on as possible. No one likes being surprised by ugly linens a week before the big day. Work with a rental company that has the mentality that they are there to help, and there to answer the hard questions!

When it comes to working with a catering company that subcontracts a rental company, the extra cost of the rentals themselves is often very worth it! In this scenario, the caterer is taking so much of the responsibility off of the couple. They are signing the contracts, scheduling the drop off, consulting on the menu, and more. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions, and get what you are wanting, but any extra cost is helping relieve so much extra work on the day of and the days before. The mark up is minimal and they have a perfect formula for everything that is needed.

*Extra Hot Tips: *
Velvet linens are gorgeous in person, but don’t necessarily translate in all to photographs!
It’s okay to go extra special on the head table that will photographed the most. You don’t have to put all the money into every piece, find your key areas and build from there.

“We have to be educated for the couple. We have to know what the hot trends are, what’s hot in what venues, what venues own.” - Heather

“I think it’s important that the couple does more talking than the salesperson does.” - Christy

“This is where I am so excited to educate and speak and put light on the rental company. Because we are fun, we are hip, we’re not just a warehouse where you walk in and there’s just tables and chairs. Most of the showrooms are beautiful and pretty, and again another really amazing experience you can have as part of the wedding journey.” - Heather

“It’s okay for couples to be more involved and directive in this process. From reviewing the proposal your caterer sends you, to calling the rental company personally yourself and to figuring things out as you go.” - Christy

“Don’t ever feel like you’re wasting anyone’s time, because you know what, maybe you ended up going to a rental company that just has vintage stuff, and I wasn’t the right match. That’s okay, and I’m glad I was able to make that connection. Because maybe we hit it off, maybe we really liked each other, and maybe a year down the road you have another party and now I’m a part of that event.” - Heather

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